About Us


Meet Carolyn Bailey, Founder and President of Treasure Box Kids.


Growing up in a rural town with just three businesses, Carolyn Bailey’s childhood dream of someday running her own business was born. Right across the street from her home was one of those three businesses—a sewing studio. Bailey spent most her childhood watching the women choose different fabrics and make custom clothing, fueling her passion of quality clothing construction. After leaving her hometown and successfully tackling various marketing and management positions, Bailey decided to make her childhood dream a reality by founding Treasure Box Kids, Inc. in 2008 in Davenport, FL.

Just a year after it was was founded, Treasure Box Kids stole a spot among Amazon’s top sellers during the holiday season. At the time, the company’s goal was to sell an array of clothing from various high end brand names that lived up to their quality name. In 2010, Treasure Box Kids became a registered Trademark.

Throughout the course of time, Bailey found the quality of fabrics declining and harmful techniques were being used to manufacture the clothing from these brand names. The clothes were not ethically made and unfair labor wages and practices were potentially being used with some manufacturers. Some instances include discoloration of the fabrics, loose threads left inside linings, and overall poor workmanship.  

Passionate about making a change, Bailey set out to reorganize the product line for Treasure Box Kids. During this time, the company planted its roots in manufacturing their own line of children’s clothing in the USA and specifically Central Florida. Starting off with a line of girl’s dresses, Bailey focused on ensuring that the clothing met her quality manufacturing values.

In 2015, Treasure Box Kids launched their first line of girl’s dresses made with the highest quality of fabrics produced in Orlando, FL that also leads to revenue for the economy by providing jobs locally. Since then, Treasure Box Kids has expanded to offer everything from capri pant sets, casual girls’ dresses, and formal girls’ birthday dresses with hopes of expanding to add boys clothing. In addition, Treasure Box Kids is actively seeking to feature other local designers that are manufacturing ethically on our website.

Later in 2015, Bailey began to develop a partnership with a non-profit organization, Tembo Trading Education Project. This partnership was created to help economically develop women in Kenya so that they do not become a victim of Human Traffickers. By fairly employing women it will empower them to survive and then thrive. They will then have the ability to send their children to school. Only with education and economic development will the women be able to stand up against Human Traffickers in Kenya. Two distinctive lines will be made for Treasure Box Kids. First a women's scarf line debuting in fall of 2016 and then a children's clothing line. 

The Kenyan Infinity Scarves are a line of scarves that are handmade in Nukuru, Kenya. The scarves are designed to be suitable for any woman, from casual to business, with fun designs, colors, and prints. The funds from this line will support the manufacturing of the Little Maisha clothing line produced in Nairobi, Kenya. The Little Maisha line is dedicated to changing lives through little clothes. This line will feature casual and formal boys and girls styles with bright colors and traditional styling featuring embroidery. The price range will be a moderate price range. Through both of these lines we will be able to help make a change to the lives of the women who make our styles. 

Please contact us anytime if you need personal assistance as we welcome all opportunities to speak with our customers. We are available Monday-Friday 10AM-6PM Eastern Standard Time and can be reached at either 407-781-2912 or