Holiday Dresses

The time for holiday dresses for your little girl is quickly approaching. We are excited about this year’s selection of holiday dresses at Treasure Box Kids. The holidays are full of holiday plays, photos, parties, family gatherings and events, so it makes sense that you will want a special dress for her to wear during the holiday season.  Even if you are simply planning a holiday dinner at home there is something magical about girls holiday dresses that will make your little girl feel like she is surrounded in the magic of the season.  Here are some ideas about buying dresses for girls.

In terms of glitter, a little bit of sparkle goes along way is the best rule of thumb. Girls holiday dresses do not need to have an excessive amount of embellishment to be festive.  Instead, the sparkle on a dress should enhance the look of the dress rather than overwhelming its overall look. Metallic threads running through the fabric of her holiday dress is a statement of class over flash. Girls holiday dresses are instantly more festive when they are found in the colorful hues of the holiday season.  Reds, greens, blues, silvers, and gold’s are all associated with the holidays, and these colors tend to photograph beautifully and bring out your girl’s best features. 

There is something very festive about plaid fabrics, and this holds true in the world of girls holiday dresses.  Some of the most sweet and beautiful holiday fabrics feature rich and vibrant plaids, like our selection from Bonnie Jean and Rare Editions dresses for girls.  To truly pick a special plaid for your little girl you may want to look for girls holiday dresses that feature a plaid with a metallic shade integrated into it.  A red and green plaid accented with gold can really be quite beautiful.


Given that the holidays happen during the winter months it makes sense that the fabrics for girls dresses need to be a bit different from some of your traditional everyday fabrics.  Girls holiday dresses can usually be found in rich satins or lush velvets, such as our selection from Laura Ashley and Rare Editions.  These fabrics are not only warm, but they are also luxurious which will make your little girl feel like she's wrapped in holiday magic.  Additionally, you may be able to find some dresses for girls that are made with lace accents.  Lace is really a beautiful and delicate material that brings a bit of elegance with it.

The great thing about the holidays is that the has plenty of girls holiday dresses in stock.  Now that you know the top fashion trends you will be able to find the perfect dress for your little girl for any holiday occasion.

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Treasure Box Kids Daisy Organza Dress
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