Selecting the Perfect Girls Party Dress


When selecting party dresses for little girls it is often challenging. You want your girl to shine at the party, but you also want her to fit in with the theme and feel comfortable from start to finish. You may want to coordinate your dress or suit to your little girl's party dress, which will naturally limit your dress options. No matter what personal restrictions you may face with this dress purchase, there are some things you must consider.



  1. Is there a theme for this party? You would purchase a different girls party dress for a graduation party than for a Christmas party. Look for dresses that coordinate to a given theme appropriately, but do not limit yourself to dresses that are perfect replications of the theme. For instance, you may choose a floral print or soft pastel solid when purchasing a dress for a spring party, but bright red may not fit the theme.


  1. Will this party require a formal dress or something more casual? Your little girl may stay cool and comfortable in a sundress for a party at preschool while dressing up in something lacey with bows for a formal anniversary dinner. You can also adjust the accessories your girl wears to fit the level of sophistication required for a specific party.


  1. Make sure your girl is always comfortable by selecting soft cotton materials over polyester. Children are more likely to act up and interrupt a party when they are stuffed into itchy fabrics or clothing that does not fit properly. Make sure to measure your child if you are uncertain what size dress she requires. You want her to feel just as beautiful as she looks.


  1. Not all dresses for little girls are appropriate for your little girl's age. Make sure you select a dress that fits the maturity and age level of your child so she loves the dress just as much as you do. For instance, if you have a brilliant six-year-old with the brain of a ten-year-old, she may not enjoy wearing a girls party dress in pastel pink with loads of ruffles. She may prefer a simple party dress in a pretty pattern.


  1. Pay attention to the care instructions for every girls party dress you consider. If you do not want to run the dress to the dry cleaners every time it is worn, do not pick out a dress that requires that level of care. There are many beautiful dresses that do not require care outside of your laundry room.