4th of July Celebrations

4th of July Celebrations

4th of July Celebrations

4th of July celebrations are just around the corner. It is time to start planning for a red white and blue day of fun with family and friends. 4th of July celebrations are filled with back yard barbeques, watermelon, swimming, activities and fireworks. Here are some ideas for 4th of July games and activities for kids.

4th of July celebrations

4th of July Celebrations

Make Patriotic Pinwheels for 4th of July Celebrations:

  • Supplies needed: construction paper (the thicker the better), scissors, paper punch, a push-pin, a pencil with an eraser. Decorate with markers, glitter, stickers or crayons
  • Start by making two square pieces of paper.
    • To make a square, put the two pieces of paper together. Fold the corner of the pieces of paper over .
    • To finish making the squares, cut off the small rectangles, forming two squares (which are already folded into a triangle).
    • Fold the triangle in half. Unfold the paper.
  • Decorate one side of each sheet of paper.
  • Put the undecorated sides of the paper together.
  • Make four cuts along the fold lines – about halfway to the center.
  • Punch four holes in the pinwheel, one at each corner.
  • Gently gather each of the four points (with a hole) to the center. (Be careful not to crease the paper.)
  • Push a push-pin through the four punched holes through the center of the pinwheel to attach the pinwheel to the side of a pencil’s eraser.

Make Star Wands for 4th of July Celebrations:

  • Supplies needed: poster board or foam, cardboard star, scissors, dowel, craft glue, red, silver and blue glitter.
    • Trace star pattern twice onto poster board or foam and cut out.
    • Spread glue all over one side of each star.
    • Press stars together with dowel in the middle and let dry.
  • Cover the front of star with a layer of glue and sprinkle glitter over the still-wet glue.
  • Let dry.

Hold a 4th of July Scavenger Hunt

Before the hunt begins, let them design their own bags. Give each child a plain brown paper lunch sack. Set out crayons, star and flag themed stickers and let them be creative!

Make a list of 10 items that are Independence Day related (think Flags, Stars and Stripes). Give the list to each child with a bag to collect the items. Whoever collects all the items first wins!


Host a Mini 4th of July Parade


Gather the children together to hold their own parade. Have the children decked out in 4th of July dresses or red, white and blue outfits. Play some patriotic music while the children march with their pinwheels, flags or star wands. At the end of the parade and all the 4th of July celebrations have the children throw confetti in the air to make their own safe fireworks show for the adults.

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