Birthday Party Idea

Birthday Party Idea: Princess Party

Begin the party with plain birthday cone hats from any party store. Have plenty of jewels and puffy paint to decorate these hats. Why not use some of that left over lace that is too small for anything else but too pretty to just discard? This is also a great recycling idea. All the girls will feel like part of the court with these new hats.

While the girls are working on their hats you can either paint their faces or apply temporary tattoos to their faces to add to the magic.

Birthday Party Idea:Throne

When it is time for your daughter to open her gifts have your princess sit in her �throne�. You can take any large sheet and wrap any chair. Then, put a sash around the back. Each girl can present the present to the princess and help her open it.

Birthday Party Idea

Birthday Dresses

Birthday Party Idea:Find the perfect dress

A perfect birthday dress is just the beginning of the enchantment for your little princess on her birthday. She will feel like a fairy princess twirling around in her new birthday dress from Treasure Box Kids. At we offer the prettiest birthday dresses for her special day from Rare Editions dresses for girls. Girl�s birthday party ideas only get better when you include the perfect party dress.

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