Kids Fashion Trends Spring 16

Kids Fashion Trends Spring 16

 Kids Fashion Trends Spring 16

Learn about Kids Fashion Trends Spring 16, so you can dress your kids in style this season. Treasure Box Kids continuously researches kids fashion trends and wants to help you keep up with current trends in the world of children’s fashion. This article features popular patterns and styles being currently used in children’s fashion. If you want to look back at children’s fashion trends of the past read our article: Children’s Fashion Last 10 Years.

kids fashion trends spring 16

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Kids Fashion Trends Spring 16: Insects

Use insect patterns to help celebrate nature this spring. Butterfly patterns are becoming especially popular, as they take the place of the usual favorite ladybug pattern this season.  Clothes using these designs are often classically simple, but the pattern can be used on almost anything. For example, casual wear, swim suits and accessories. Pairing the pattern with bright colors are a perfect way to help your child celebrate spring.

Butterfly Capri Set from Treasure Box Kids

Butterfly Capri Pants Set from Little Maisha Line

Spring 16 Kids Fashion Trends: Island

The island pattern is quickly becoming a popular way to bring a little bit of vacation everywhere you go. Designers will use patterns featuring prints from tropical vacations this spring. This includes flamingo, seashore, palm tree and many more patterns following the theme. These patterns can be used on accessories, swimsuits, casual and formal wear.

Island Kids Spring Fashion Trend

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Kids Fashion Trends Spring 16: Lite Brite

This trend brings back some of the 80’s in its use of bright and bold colors. Pairing the fluorescent colors with neutrals can help make your kid’s outfit pop.

Lite Brite Kids Spring Fashion Trend

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Kids Fashion Trends Spring 16: Fringe

Fringe is back and is a kids fashion trend spring 16. From swimsuits to casual outfits and accessories. Using fringe and bright colors adds a stylish edge to any outfit. Fringe, ruffles and tassels all help to create a free flowing silhouette.

Fringe Kids Spring Fashion Trend 16

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Kids Fashion Trends Spring 16: Sugar Rush

Delicious looking sweets are being featured on patterns this spring. Ice cream, cupcakes and candy are a few of the popular sweets that are going on children’s clothes. This pattern adds a fun element to your child’s wardrobe. It also looks great on accessories.

Sugar Rush Kids Fashion Trend 16

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Now that you know the kids fashion trends spring 16 shopping for popular, fashionable and fun clothing will be easier. However, it is more important to dress your kids so they are comfortable and are expressing their unique style. I hope you have enjoyed this article on kids fashion trends spring 16, be sure to be on the lookout for Treasure Box Kid’s article on future kids fashion trends.


Kids Fashion Trends Spring 16

Children’s Fashion Last 10 Years

 Children’s Fashion Last 10 Years

Ten years ago children’s fashion was much different then it is now.  Kids Clothing is like the rest of fashion in that it is influenced heavily by the events that happen in the world and also by the music that is popular at the time. In the last ten years we have seen an economic crash and the way we live, work and communicate  change dramatically. To see the current SS2015 girls fashion trends read our post Girl’s Spring 2015 Fashion Trends.

Childrens Fashion

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Children’s Fashion- Trends 10 Years Ago

Ten years ago most kids designers portfolios included a more urban feel. Hip Hop music was in full popularity and Kids Fashion was heavily influenced by Baby Phat, Phatt Farm and Ed Hardy with skulls, skateboards, rock n’ roll insignia, t-shirts, hoodies and sweatsuits all popular for boys.

Girls were wearing more ruffles, peasant tops, layered tops and pants. The 1960’s was a heavy influence on girls clothing. Flouncy pants and halter tops were popular as well as big patterns and mixed fabrics. The “cutesy girl” look was popular.

Children’s Fashion-Trending Now

Today’s fashion for boys has changed and is now more a classic preppy look. More structured shirts, baseball jackets and cap hats with sweaters are featured. Looks from the 1950’s and 1980’s are influencing boys fashion as well as the skateboarding and hip hop cultures are influencing boys fashion. Hip Hop has a lessened effect on Boys Fashion then it had in the last decade. It is more of an assortment of styles.

Girls today are looking towards soft fabrics and a more sophisticated look. More like that of a style that an adult would wear. Cute is still in as it will always be but dressing too cutesy with massive ruffles is out. Tops are more loose flowing with a Gypsy Boho Chic look of the 80’s and 90’s. Novelty tees are still popular and comfort is in! Little girls are dressing more sophisticated and are influenced by the young children of celebrities.

Treasure Box Kids looked to Kids World Magazine and Wikipedia for additional inspiration while writing this article. In the next ten years one thing is for sure, kids fashion will change again. Treasure Box Kids started our company back in 2008 and we have seen many trends come and go throughout the years in children’s fashion.



Kids Fashion Trends Spring 16

Blue-Spring 2015 Children’s Fashion Trend

Blue-Spring 2015 Children’s Fashion Trend

In this post we are taking the blue-Spring 2015 children’s fashion trend, the color Blue for children’s fashion and going more in-dept about the trend. Which colors are being used and how they are being utilized in children’s fashion. Previously we wrote about the other Spring Fashion Trends for children’s clothing in our post Girls Fashion Trends: Spring 2015.

blue-spring 2015 children's fashion trend

Blue-Spring 2015 Children’s Fashion Trend: Which colors are popular?

The hues of blue that were popular at the Woman’s runways this past fall have made their way down to children’s fashion. The bright blue hues took center stage but from Yves Klein Blue  to cerulean,cobalt, and periwinkle over 50 shades of blue are making appearances on everything from diaper bags to girls and boys fashions. shades of blue

Blue-Spring 2015 Children’s Fashion Trend: How is the blue being applied to children’s fashion?

Blue is being incorporated into accessories for children’s fashion as well as in the actual apparel. Designers are using the Spring 2015 Tie Dye trend as well as the Stripes and Art Project trends with hues of blue when making these styles.  We have seen lots of blue dresses as well as raincoats and outerwear for children. Baby Outfits ans well as baby accessories are being seen with the shades of blue.

Blue Gingham Ladybug Dress

Treasure Box Kids has incorporated this trend in it’s Blue Gingham Ladybug Dress Made in America. All along the red carpet this spring you will see a lot of blue dresses worn by celebrities following the Spring Trend. Check back to our blog to see more updates on this Blue-Spring 2015 children’s fashion trend and more tends for children’s clothing.

Girls FashionTrends:Spring 2015

Girls FashionTrends:Spring 2015

Girls Fashion Trends:Spring 2015

Love to follow girls fashion trends just as much as you do for your own fashion? At Treasure Box Kids we look to the current trends in the United States as well as in Europe when we decide what to carry in our store and design for our own line of clothing. With so many fun trends available for little girls, it is hard to choose only one. The following are some of the most popular for Spring 2015.Girls Fashion Trends

Girls Fashion Trends: A Bugs Life


Bugs are all over this years Spring prints. Butterflies and Birds are topping the list this year of favorite bugs to add to prints. Snails, Centipedes and Bumblebees are all the rage as well as a constant favorite the Ladybug. Patterns range from graphic to hand drawn. The prints are put on earth-toned and bright colored fabrics for Spring 2015. Whether they are just an accent or the whole print, bugs are creating a buzz for Spring 2015. Take a look at our Treasure Box Kids Ladybug Dress.

Girls Fashion Trends: Stripesblue-and-white-stripes dress

The vertical stripe is back for Spring 2015. Dresses, shirts, shorts and pants will all feature the vertical stripe. This trend is taking shape from fall’s retro inspired designs. The 60’s staple, the vertical stripe is being done in bold black and white as well as bright colors on simple designs. Wide stripes for darker colors and thin stripes for the pastels. Blue and white stripes are popular this Spring.

Fashion Trend: Art Project

Art Fashion Trend

 Spring 2015 is filled with Art. Whimsical illustrations and playful prints adorn spring styles. Crazy caricatures, comical prints, mixed prints and pop detail from years ago are finding their way onto girls spring sportswear. Colorful and quirky these prints are placed on  simpler designs so that the art work is what stands out on the fashion.

Girls Fashion Trends: Favorite Citywearing cities fashion trend

The name of a favorite vacation spot or a hometown on girls clothing is all the rage for Spring 2015. Girls fashion jets off to romantic destinations such as Paris or Rome and have caught the travel bug. Eiffel Tower prints or just the name of a city is taking girl’s clothing to places it has not been before.

Fashion Trend: Fruit Saladfruit fashion trend

Even though girls do not always want to eat fruit they love to wear it on their clothing. The tropical trend for woman’s fashion has influenced the children’s Wear Market for Spring 2015. Fruit-filled patterns with punchy colors. From prints to accents the tropical fruits are all the rage. Again, the style is simple to feature the fruit.


If you would like to know what Panetone’s color of the year is for 2015 read our post Pantone Color of the Year 2015. There are several great Girls Fashion Trends for Spring 2015 to choose, which one is your favorite?

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