How Treasure Box Kids Sources Sustainable, Quality Fabric

How Treasure Box Kids Sources Sustainable, Quality Fabric

How Treasure Box Kids Sources Sustainable, Quality Fabric

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Every season, Treasure Box Kids sources materials from fabric shows across the U.S. Our visits are a crucial part of our outfit creation process, as 100 percent of the fabric used in our clothing is bought domestically. This tradition began when we started to manufacture our own clothing. Going to fabric shows not only gives us an up close and personal view of the materials for our lines, but more importantly allows us to scout out local vendors whose production standards line up with the ethics of our manufacturing process.

What Treasure Box Kids Keeps in Mind at Fabric Shows

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Fabric comes first.

We craft an outfit around a pattern or texture, so the foundation of our designs is the material we use. An overall quality textile is what we look for, and if they are certified organic it adds big points.

The feel of a fabric is pivotal. We spend a lot of time making sure that the samples we consider would feel soft, comfortable and wearable

Additional qualities we keep in mind are the fabric’s care instructions, how much shrinkage to expect and its weight. Hard to find, unique trims that meet our standards are our goal, and we are often surprised with what we find on our journey.

At our last fashion show, we came across an Eco Twill fabric. This material combines organic cotton and recycled plastic, thus reducing landfill waste with its production. We were impressed with the supplier’s commitment to sustainability, and we are now actively stocking up.

Using renewable fabric is new to us, but is becoming a trend we hope to soon make timeless.

how the fabric feels and is constructed, made, dyed, how durable it is and how it feels

How Fabric Shows Fuel a Treasure Box Kids Passion

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At a number of these shows, seminars on textile production are offered. We seize these opportunities to further educate ourselves and are often pleasantly surprised by the new information we find. Through these classes, we’ve learned new dying techniques, why certain types of threads are used for fabrics and many more bits of knowledge that we can then apply into our sourcing tactics.

Learning about these things only compliments our love for design. How fabric can shape an outfit by color, trim, and style is our driving inspiration in clothing creation. In our outfits, you’ll find a variety of color and textures because playing with the feel of clothes to help them reach their full potential is a Treasure Box Kids passion.


What’s In: Kids Fashion Trends for Spring 2018

What’s In: Kids Fashion Trends for Spring 2018

What’s In: Kids Fashion Trends for Spring 2018

kids fashion trends

Get excited, kids fashion trends are being taken straight from the big kid runway. It doesn’t matter if you still have a bedtime or if you’re the one making that bedtime; if you’re fashionably inclined, you know how important it is to stay up to date with the times. Lucky for us, this year’s selection is more than just florals. We’ve been served trends and colors that are bold, bright, and full of expression.

To find this season’s most noteworthy trends, we’ve combined our own fashion knowledge with some words straight from the pro’s themselves: Pantone, Fashion Snoops, and Earnshaw’s. To read more about color trends and this year’s thematic palette, check out our post on the 2018 Color of The Year: Ultra Violet.

The Colors in Kids Fashion Trends

Pantone is a leading expert in color trends, and they’ve released a spring report highlighting the top colors shown at New York Fashion Week. This year’s line up shows that designers are in-tune with the need to show more color, and we see that in the top-12 spring color lineup. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites:

Meadowlark – Pantone 13-0646

A confident, bright yellow. Yellow is purple’s complementary color, so its feature is linked to this year’s color of the year, Ultra Violet.


Cherry Tomato – Pantone 17-1563

A bold, orangey red.


Little Boy Blue – Pantone 16-4132

Serene as the clear blue sky

Arcadia – Pantone 16-5533
A Cooler, cleaner take on green.
Although these are only our fav, this spring’s palette is an open door to dramatic color mixing in kids fashion trends.  


Prints and Fabrics: Kids Fashion Trends for Almost Any Spring Occasion

Now that we’ve had a taste of the season’s colors, let’s dive into the looks and textures our palettes are comprising. Fashion Snoops and UBM Fashion feature a dazzling selection of kids ensembles and weather-appropriate apparel that we’re rushing to add to our mood boards. From chic safari to a gardening in The Hamptons, they’ve lined up looks that will have a place in almost any kid-friendly occasion.

Kids Fashion Trends

Yes, we said to expect more than florals, but the season of new beginnings can never be complete without some blossoming. Still staying true to individuality, pattern mixing and kitschy details are embroidering our kid’s clothes dreams. 

Florals, fruits, and gingham styles never fail. Pairing them up with classic ruffles, tulle, or even lace detailing will add to the aww-factor.
Kids Fashion Trends
 Taking a step south, we’re getting ready for the heat. Hot summer nights don’t necessarily always stay in the summer, as we Florida folks know all too well. Whether it’s for a desert sunset or an Everglades sunset, we know the importance of a good tailoring.
Find twill, beaded trims and light knitwear where the sun keeps shining, and happily embrace the comfort of a vibrantly earthy tone.
Kids Fashion Trends
 Now, we can’t talk about blooming without talking overalls. This time, take a step back and retreat into the forest. Know nature, know a good, breathable linen. Even bring back the smock dress! You know your little girl would look adorable in it. 
Keep your eyes out for cotton, basket weave, and twill. Think arts and crafts camp.


Accessories in kids fashion trends  

As if we hadn’t already stressed self-expression enough, we’re ending this season’s trend list with a shout-out to Earnshaw’s Magazine and an homage to the holy grail: Accessories. 
Kids Fashion Trends
According to the publication, a unique jewelry set or a fun, pop-of-color handbag can wrap up any outfit, so it’s no surprise that finding these classic staples in a new shape or material is what’s we’re embracing. Try a holographic fabric, perhaps some metallic denim and even grab that unicorn-shaped backpack for a bold look that will rule the school and make it known that you’re up to date with kids fashion trends.




“What’s in: Kids Fashion Trends for Spring 2018” features images taken from Pantone, UBM Fashion Inc., and Earnshaw’s Magazine.


2018 Pantone Color of the Year: Ultra Violet

2018 Pantone Color of the Year: Ultra Violet

2018 Pantone Color of the Year: Ultra Violet

Pantone Color of the year 2018

Original picture supplied by

In the past, Pantone Color of the year selections have easily been found in nature. Last year’s color was greenery, the year before that it was rose quartz and serenity (a light pink and sky blue combo,) and the year before that it was marsala, an earthy red shade.

This year, Pantone has taken a turn and reached for the stars. Our design pallets have been electrified with what we think is a daring, playful, and yet still workably sophisticated choice. To say the least, we’re excited. For a glimpse into some of the past year’s shades, check out our post on Pantone C0lor of the Year 2015 – Marsala

About 2018’s Pantone Color of the Year

Paralleling the vastness of our cosmos, Ultra Violet suggests a link to what lies ahead, and to that which we can only dare to know. Historically, shades of purple have been attributed to the mystical, the spiritual, and to higher states of social status. In more recent years, the color has become a statement of uniqueness and unconformity. Used by many contemporary artists who stood out for their individuality, the color became synonymous with emotion, depth, and experimentation.

You might just be able to guess some of the names that helped it carry its legacy, as their public personas were infused with the emotion that shades of violet carried. To no surprise, Prince, Jimi Hendrix, and David Bowie forefronted the counterculture of the 70’s and 80’s, thus launching the significance of shades of purple to new generations. 

Pantone Color Selections: Why Ulta Violet Made the Cut

Pantone Color of the year 2018

Original picture supplied by

The eccentric talents of the late twentieth-century music scene solidified violet’s connection to creativity and the pushing of boundaries. The color is a strong symbol of the counterculture and creative outlets, and yet it still holds its longstanding pull to human energy and connection. It’s commonly found in meditative areas and other mindfulness practices, where its calming hues are used as a way to sooth the mind and escape an over-stimulated life. Violet holds a balance between these meanings by standing for the pursuing of a world beyond our own. It inspires, drives, and questions. It can be found both when we look into ourselves, and when we look up at the sky. It has historically symbolized our desires, and so the Ultra Violet will continue to inspire us throughout 2018 and beyond. To read more on this year’s color and the history and significance of their annual color selection, see Pantone’s original posts on the Pantone Color of the Year 2018.

How We Use Hues of Purple

Pantone Color of the year 2018

Treasure Box Kids Daisy Organza Dress

We want to say we hopped on this trend the second Pantone made it official, but the truth is we did one better. We didn’t wait for Pantone to tell us that purple was in. Our girls Capri and dress lines have long since implemented shades of hues in their prints because we recognize that despite its mature history, it’s hard to deny that purple can still be light, playful, and feminine. We believe that little girls should be able to express themselves through their clothes, and so in our collections, we try to provide an array of color shades for every preference and style. Our Daisy Organza Dress and Purple Butterfly Capri Pant Set are some of our most notable pieces that accentuate the versatility of purple, and we plan on continuing to infuse our lines with the color in the rest of 2018 and on. This year’s Pantone Color works for us.

2018 Pantone Color of the Year: Ultra Violet

Pantone Color List-Spring 2016

Pantone Color- Spring 2016 List: The Gender of color

Pantone releases a seasonal color report to show the current trends of the season. The upcoming spring 2016 colors follow the direction of the rich, vibrant hues of the 2016 Pantone color of the year. Included in Pantones spring 2016 Fashion Report are Rose Quartz, Peach Echo, Serenity, Snorkel Blue, Buttercup, Limpet Shell, Fiesta, Iced Coffee and Green Flash. Many colors on this springs Pantone Color report are gender neutral which follows the gender neutral trend. As the world becomes more conscious of the role gender plays in fashion, more unisex tones are featured in fashion. The influences for the colors in the spring report for 2016 are based upon the desire to gravitate towards a calming palette and to transport us to a happier and sunnier place. To understand this years Kids Fashion Trends Spring 16 read our article about the newest trends for spring.

Pantone Colors

Pantone Colors, The Desire to Breathe and Reflect

The inspirations for Pantones spring palette can be put into two categories: calming neutral tones and vivid bright colors, which represent playful escapism. Colors like Rose Quartz, Peach Echo, Serenity, Iced Coffee and Limpet Shell make us desire for relaxation. These soothing colors promote peace and calm while maintaining their striking appeal. Leatrice Eiseman Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute explains that “With our culture still surrounded by so much uncertainty, we are continuing to yearn for those softer shades that offer a sense of calm and relaxation.”

Pantone Color, Fun, Excitement and Optimism

Pantone Color 2016

picture from

Pantone’s spring colors in Snorkel Blue, Buttercup, Green Flash and Fiesta are strong, attention grabbing statement makers. These vivid, bright colors are definitely meant to inspire playful high energy and an escape to more nostalgic, happier times. These particular colors made the list for the bold reminisce of the color usage many influential artists of past utilized in their paintings. The fascinating color intensity may be why the colors are being incorporated in many children’s clothing lines effectively standing out from falls more somber colors on the market.

How the Pantone Spring Colors Appear in Children’s Fashion

Kids Fashion with Pantone Color 2016

picture from

European designers are making it a priority to find subtle ways to incorporate the colors in their lines. This is why on Euro runways, petite models showcase the eye catching colors in a sophisticated way. The child models can be seen wearing intense prints and hues featured from the color report in various style trends from this year. This just shows that the Pantone Color Report truly has a hand in influencing children’s fashion. Check back on our blog to read more about the Pantone color for future seasons.

2018 Pantone Color of the Year: Ultra Violet

Kids Fashion Trends Spring 16

 Kids Fashion Trends Spring 16

Learn about Kids Fashion Trends Spring 16, so you can dress your kids in style this season. Treasure Box Kids continuously researches kids fashion trends and wants to help you keep up with current trends in the world of children’s fashion. This article features popular patterns and styles being currently used in children’s fashion. If you want to look back at children’s fashion trends of the past read our article: Children’s Fashion Last 10 Years.

kids fashion trends spring 16

Picture from

Kids Fashion Trends Spring 16: Insects

Use insect patterns to help celebrate nature this spring. Butterfly patterns are becoming especially popular, as they take the place of the usual favorite ladybug pattern this season.  Clothes using these designs are often classically simple, but the pattern can be used on almost anything. For example, casual wear, swim suits and accessories. Pairing the pattern with bright colors are a perfect way to help your child celebrate spring.

Butterfly Capri Set from Treasure Box Kids

Butterfly Capri Pants Set from Little Maisha Line

Spring 16 Kids Fashion Trends: Island

The island pattern is quickly becoming a popular way to bring a little bit of vacation everywhere you go. Designers will use patterns featuring prints from tropical vacations this spring. This includes flamingo, seashore, palm tree and many more patterns following the theme. These patterns can be used on accessories, swimsuits, casual and formal wear.

Island Kids Spring Fashion Trend

Picture from

Kids Fashion Trends Spring 16: Lite Brite

This trend brings back some of the 80’s in its use of bright and bold colors. Pairing the fluorescent colors with neutrals can help make your kid’s outfit pop.

Lite Brite Kids Spring Fashion Trend

Picture from Earnshaw

Kids Fashion Trends Spring 16: Fringe

Fringe is back and is a kids fashion trend spring 16. From swimsuits to casual outfits and accessories. Using fringe and bright colors adds a stylish edge to any outfit. Fringe, ruffles and tassels all help to create a free flowing silhouette.

Fringe Kids Spring Fashion Trend 16

Picture from

Kids Fashion Trends Spring 16: Sugar Rush

Delicious looking sweets are being featured on patterns this spring. Ice cream, cupcakes and candy are a few of the popular sweets that are going on children’s clothes. This pattern adds a fun element to your child’s wardrobe. It also looks great on accessories.

Sugar Rush Kids Fashion Trend 16

Picture from

Now that you know the kids fashion trends spring 16 shopping for popular, fashionable and fun clothing will be easier. However, it is more important to dress your kids so they are comfortable and are expressing their unique style. I hope you have enjoyed this article on kids fashion trends spring 16, be sure to be on the lookout for Treasure Box Kid’s article on future kids fashion trends.


2018 Pantone Color of the Year: Ultra Violet

Blue-Spring 2015 Children’s Fashion Trend

Blue-Spring 2015 Children’s Fashion Trend

In this post we are taking the blue-Spring 2015 children’s fashion trend, the color Blue for children’s fashion and going more in-dept about the trend. Which colors are being used and how they are being utilized in children’s fashion. Previously we wrote about the other Spring Fashion Trends for children’s clothing in our post Girls Fashion Trends: Spring 2015.

blue-spring 2015 children's fashion trend

Blue-Spring 2015 Children’s Fashion Trend: Which colors are popular?

The hues of blue that were popular at the Woman’s runways this past fall have made their way down to children’s fashion. The bright blue hues took center stage but from Yves Klein Blue  to cerulean,cobalt, and periwinkle over 50 shades of blue are making appearances on everything from diaper bags to girls and boys fashions. shades of blue

Blue-Spring 2015 Children’s Fashion Trend: How is the blue being applied to children’s fashion?

Blue is being incorporated into accessories for children’s fashion as well as in the actual apparel. Designers are using the Spring 2015 Tie Dye trend as well as the Stripes and Art Project trends with hues of blue when making these styles.  We have seen lots of blue dresses as well as raincoats and outerwear for children. Baby Outfits ans well as baby accessories are being seen with the shades of blue.

Blue Gingham Ladybug Dress

Treasure Box Kids has incorporated this trend in it’s Blue Gingham Ladybug Dress Made in America. All along the red carpet this spring you will see a lot of blue dresses worn by celebrities following the Spring Trend. Check back to our blog to see more updates on this Blue-Spring 2015 children’s fashion trend and more tends for children’s clothing.

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