Little Maisha Kids Clothing Changing Lives

Little Maisha Kids Clothing Changing Lives

Little Maisha Kids Clothing
Changing lives

Presently kids clothing is making an impact on the runway and off  the runway. President and founder Carolyn Bailey has never been shy about her efforts to make her  company Treasure Box Kids a socially responsible platform. That’s why when Orlando Channel 13 News came out this Friday past to interview us on our efforts and our indiegogo campaign, we were more than thrilled! Read about their account on My News 13! Christina Jensen a seasoned reporter for the news station conducted our interview, as one of our child models happily showed off some of the pieces from our upcoming line. View a video preview from Christina Jensen’s Facebook Page

little maisha

Channel 13 News Reporter Christina Jensen

“Christina was so friendly and made everyone so comfortable during the interview” Bailey stated.

We’re happy to say the station gifted us with feature story status in an upcoming segment!

 Kids Clothing

The International Labor Organization estimates that there are 20.9 million victims of human trafficking globally. Those numbers make the issue of Human Trafficking hard to ignore. The Little Maisha kids clothing campaign has been up and running for less than a week, making it impossible to circumvent a change so soon, but with the launch of the campaign we hope to continue to be apart of something bigger, while extending an opportunity to change lives.

Little Maisha Kids Clothing- The Mission

The Treasure Box Kids President relayed our hopes to raise $20,000 through our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to the channel 13 reporter. With the success of the campaign we will begin the manufacturing of the Little Maisha kids clothing line created in Kenya. The Little Maisha line will provide employment opportunities to rehabilitating victims of human trafficking, as well as women in need of jobs to provide their children with a primary education. For more information visit the page on our website Little Maisha- Little Clothes Changing Lives.

Little Maisha Kids Clothings- The Rewards

little maisha kids clothing,

President and Founder Carolyn Bailey seen wearing the Little Maisha Infinity Scarf

As our various social media platforms advertise, Treasure Box Kids offers our beautiful Kenyan infinity scarf seen above on President Carolyn Bailey. Pieces to the Little Maisha line like those shown below, will be offered to backers for every contribution received on the campaign. To say here at Treasure Box Kids, we are proud of the rewards that feature amazing pieces from our forthcoming line is an understatement! With the segment airing soon it can be said that the Little Maisha Kids clothing changing lives campaign is off to a great start!

little maisha kids clothing

Little Maisha Kids Clothing Changing Lives

Little Maisha Childrens Clothing

Little Maisha: Childrens Clothing Changing Lives

Producing childrens clothing that is adorable, ethically manufactured and that remain socially aware has always been the number one mission for Treasure Box Kids. Since our inception we’ve made efforts to be a responsible company and give back as much as we can. That is why, Treasure Box Kids is excited to announce that we’ve embarked on a new project that aligns with our mission.
We will be working with a Kenyan factory that will manufacture our new childrens clothing line, Little Maisha. This line is especially important to Treasure Box Kids as it will help empower and employ potential human trafficking victims to help prevent new victims.

childrens clothing,

The infinity scarf modeled by a Kenyan child

 Childrens Clothing Creating Hope

The childrens clothing projects fruition came about when Treasure Box Kids partnered with the non profit organization  Tembo Trading Education Project. This organizations work is to create awareness of the effects of human trafficking and educating Kenyans so they do not become victims. The goal of the project is to empower, fairly employ and rehabilitate Kenyan women harmed by or at risk of being victims of human trafficking. Economic development and education are the main components in the prevention of human trafficking.

We will start with a line of Infinity Scarfs that are made in Nakuru, Kenya. The funds from that line will help to support the manufacturing of the Little Maisha childrens clothing line that will be made in Nairobi, Kenya. This way we will help women in two major areas of Kenya economically develop themselves. If the Kenyan women in the program can work they will be able to send their children to school so that the children will have a future and not themselves end up prey to a human trafficker.

 You can read more about this project on our website . Follow us on our social media links to be updated on this life changing children’s clothing project.  Twitter Instagram Facebook Pinterest



Little Maisha Kids Clothing Changing Lives

Fashion Hope-Hope for Change

Fashion Hope-Hope for Change

Fashion Hope

Fashion Hope

Fashion Hope was launched in May 2011 by Marc Palmer. Marc’s dream is to incorporate fashion as a vehicle to combat Human Trafficking and help change the world.

According to Wikipedia Human trafficking is the trade in humans, most commonly for the purpose of sexual slavery, forced slavery, forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation for the trafficker or other third parties.

About Fashion Hope

Fashion Hope concentrated on awareness projects for it’s first three years of existence. Fashion Hope has now partnered with reputable charities that help to rescue and rehabilitate survivors of human trafficking. To take this one step further Marc has involved fashion press, designers, local boutiques and other industry experts.

Fashion Hope

By partnering with those who are involved in the fashion world, rehabilitated survivors of human trafficking are given opportunities to make a living in their country in an ethical manner. Fashion Hope partners with designers to produce their lines with a factory that not only is manufacturing ethically but is able to offer a better life for the survivors. In doing this they attempt to engage and educate a large number of people the real truths of human trafficking, the greatest human rights atrocity of our time.

The organization is always actively attempting to partner  with organizations who share the same passion for social justice. Attending the major fashion events each year helps to spread awareness of the cause and the organizations passion for a change. Fashion Hope attends major fashion events such as New York Fashion Week, Toronto Fashion Week, STYLE Fashion Week, LA, The Oscar’s, The Emmy’s as well as many more major event each year.

Why Fashion Hope

Fashion is about freedom of expression and personality while also bolstering self-confidence and esteem. It is a natural fit for the fashion industry to therefore reach out to those who don’t enjoy such freedoms – who are broken, suffering and living a life of shame not of their own choosing. The fashion industry is also well placed to set an example by supporting fair trade supply chains, literally freeing people from slavery around the world. FASHION can indeed provide HOPE.” – Paul Myhill

Fashion Hope commitment to rescuing and rehabilitating Human Trafficking victims through fashion is defiantly Hope for Change.

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