Fun Children’s Fashion Trends- Floral Print

Fun Children’s Fashion Trends- Floral Print

Children's Fashion Trend

Floral children’s fashion trends have made their way back! We love Earnshaw’s magazine because they are always on top of the most current trends in children’s wear. Treasure Box Kids envisioned this trend earlier in the season and Earnshaw’s mentioned that the floral prints are back and bigger than ever in their June 2017 issue. The popular 1980’s style is currently trending. Floral prints are resurfacing on women’s clothing, kids clothing (boys and girls), and even on shoes and accessories. To learn more about children’s fashion, please read our post Children’s Fashion Last 10 Years

Where the Floral Print Originated:

Floral prints date back thousands of years, originating first in Asia, where flowers are an integral part of the culture. Long ago, flowers held deep meaning and symbolism, which people enjoyed incorporating into their clothing. Flowers are known as a universal symbol of femininity, which is prevalent in different cultures and time periods. Over the years we have seen big flower trends such as the “Flower Power” 60s and again in 2014 with the popular floral leggings. Floral prints are diverse and have always been in production… something we don’t see changing anytime soon. Trends are usually established in adult clothing and are then adapted into children’s wear.

Children's Fashion Trends- Floral Print

Why Follow Children’s Fashion Trends:

Floral prints typically make us think of warm weather and sunny days. Flowers carry a happy connotation and it feels good to wear them, so why not! Florals are all about having fun with fashion and embracing the excitement of summer. The print is versatile – you can find it on everything from casual kids bathing suits to exquisite wedding dresses. The floral theme also makes great accessories that give you more ways to work the flowers into your style. And if you’re a girly girl at heart, wearing florals is a perfect way to show your feminine side.

Floral Children’s Fashion Trends for Clothing:

Earnshaw’s said it themselves, “Floral and graphic prints are an undeniable tool in stimulating children’s imagination and creativity”. How cool is that? We are expecting to see lots of daisies, hydrangeas, hibiscus and roses on the racks this season for girls and even boys. Floral prints come in a variety of styles, colors, shapes, and designs. Does your little girl have a favorite flower? Look for a dress with her flower print on it. Kids should love what they are wearing and this is a great way to ensure that. Experts remind us to keep an eye on the size of the print when choosing a dress for your little girl. Smaller girls might avoid larger prints as they could engulf a petite frame.

Children's Fashion Trend

Five Floral Print Fashion Trend Tips:

  1. Choose lightweight fabrics that breathe well this summer. Cotton, linen, rayon, and chiffon are just a few that work well.
  2. Feel free to mix patterns! Just make sure there’s one color that ties both prints together. Black and navy are great options.
  3. To create a slimming illusion and draw the eye in, explore dresses with flowers gathering down the center.
  4. Be bold! Summer is your excuse to wear bright, vivid colors. If your wardrobe is filled with mostly dark solids, adding a floral print can be just what you need to match your outfit with your summer state of mind.
  5. Floral accessories can add a hint of femininity to your look. Try flower inspired sandals, sunglasses with flowers printed on them, or shade your face with a floral printed sun hat. You could even tie one of TBK’s lightweight floral infinity scarfs around your hair to keep you cool.

Look around and find your favorite floral prints to rock this summer. If you’re looking for your little girl, check out the TBK website for our own floral printed dresses and scarves. This is one of our favorite children’s fashion trends and it will soon be yours too!

Fun Children’s Fashion Trends- Floral Print

Orlando Internship-Summer 17

Orlando Internship-Summer 17

Our Orlando internship for the summer of 2017 has just kicked off and we’re so excited! We’ve had such an amazing spring intern semester and know that our awesome group of interns will learn and thrive this summer. Last semester, during the spring term, we interned eight college students from UCF and Full Sail University in the areas of Social Media Marketing, Online Digital Marketing, and Graphic Design. To learn more about what we do, please read our post TBK Making a Difference. This semester we are pleased to announce our five Summer Interns!

Orlando Internship

Orlando Internship Guides Students Growth

Treasure Box Kids hosts three Orlando internship sessions a year. We host a Spring, Summer, and Fall Internship for College students as well as including high school students in our summer program.  Our purpose for the internships is to prepare the student with the skills that they will need to enter the workforce. Treasure Box Kids offers several different types of internships including Social Media Marketing, Blog Content Creation, Digital Marketing, PR, Graphic Design, Web Development, Photography, and Video Producing.


 Summer Orlando Internship Program


Over the next 10 weeks, our newest interns will work with Treasure Box Kids to prepare them for employment in social media as well as the digital content creation. Our internship will include the process of business article writing as well as to post the article on our blog. TBK interns will learn workplace responsibility and how to be proactive when assigned a task.





Orlando Internship





Our Orlando internship also includes working with young models during photoshoots as well as live streaming our events on social media. We want to equip our interns with the expertise to develop professional proficiencies in order to prepare them for their future. We give our interns a better understanding of Treasure Box Kids so that they are exposed to new concepts and methods of learning. Treasure Box Kids encourages developing new relationships by mentoring our interns on how to create and sustain networks with colleagues, as well as other businesses. We do this during the internship as well as encouraging our interns to attend development classes and seminars. 



Introducing Our Orlando Internship Summer Interns

  • Ashley Filardi, a Human Communication student, will manage our Instagram social media account for the summer semester. Ashley will work with influencers and focus her attention on the analytic aspect of posts. We’re confident that with Ashley’s keen eye on our Instagram account she will thrive.
  • Delaney Pinder, our Advertising and Public Relations undergrad manages our Pinterest account. Delaney will learn how to revamp our social media platform to increase followers while increasing content geared towards Treasure Box Kids customers. We are convinced that Delaney is the right intern for the task.
  • Erin Robertson, another Advertising and Public Relations student, oversees our Facebook division. Erin is in the process of learning how to create posts, interact and promote our company through Facebook Groups. We’re positive that Erin is the woman for the job. Treasure Box Kids will guide Erin in further building connections with our customers.
  • Michael Folsom, a senior in high school, is our youngest addition to the Treasure Box Kids team. He will learn how to reach our customers on Twitter and create graphics for social media. Michael will develop a strong social media skill set which will help him in his future.
  • Victoria Jack, our second Human Communication undergrad, will be a member of our summer and fall internship. She will be a member of the writing department and will also work on our Linked In account. Victoria will learn valuable writing skills while interning for TBK, which will guide her for the rest of her career. Blog post creation as well as learning how to operate a Word Press Blog will be the first thing Victoria masters. Welcome, Victoria!

Treasure Box Kids aims to inspire our interns to take initiative while being guided through our processes. We are elated to have such diverse talents working with us this summer! We wish them good luck during their Orlando internship.  



Fun Children’s Fashion Trends- Floral Print

We Make A Difference!

We Make a Difference!

We strive to Make A Difference in the world every day through our clothing lines.  I was recently featured on Making A Difference, an afternoon radio segment hosted by Suzanne and Shadow at Z88.3 in Orlando, Florida. It served as a good learning experience for Aly Lewis, who has been working with Treasure Box Kids as the public relations liaison intern for Treasure Box Kids. Making a Difference is a short afternoon segment that airs every Tuesday at 4:55 P.M. The segment features local business people or volunteers that are truly making a difference in the community and in the world. It was an honor to be featured in one of the segments this past month. You can listen to my interview here:

Higher viewing quality available by clicking the settings symbol in the video and changing the Quality to HD.

You can also learn more about what TBK is doing to make a difference at Little Maisha Kids Clothes Changing Lives.

Sharing How We Make A Difference

Being able to share what my company does to Make A Difference on this segment  was a unique experience. It was a fun and exciting thing to be able to share my experience as well as my passion for helping people with my fellow listeners of Z88.3. As heard in the interview, I touched on the efforts that Treasure Box Kids as a company is making in the local community and the great strides that we have made in Kenya to help women who are in need.

Make A Difference

From Left to Right: Shadow, Carolyn Bailey, Aly Lewis, Suzanne

The process was so much fun and went by smoothly! Aly and I arrived at the studio at 1:00 P.M. We were warmly greeted by different staff members, all as friendly as the last. The reception room was very comfortable and pleasant. When Suzanne and Shadow were ready for us, we followed them back into one of their recording studios. They showed a great passion for the good of the community and also showed genuine interest in the things I was saying. It was heartwarming to see the kind of a family setting I’ve imagined while listening to their radio station.

Make A Difference With Z88.3

I have been a regular listener of Z88.3 for a few years now. I spend a great deal of time driving in high-stress traffic situations on my commute in the mornings and evenings. This radio station helps make the commute less stressful, through their music that is very calming, uplifting, and inspirational. The hosts remind me with their encouraging words that I am not alone on this journey of life.

It was a blessing to have been a part of the Z88.3 family during my interview experience. I can’t thank Suzanne and Shadow enough for giving me the opportunity to share my ability to Make A Difference on this afternoon segment!

Fun Children’s Fashion Trends- Floral Print

Infinity Scarves For Women

Infinity Scarves For Women

Our Line of Infinity Scarves For Women made in Kenya have finally made their debut and they are wonderful. This journey has been such a touching and beautiful experience for my company, Treasure Box Kids.

The first step in beginning this adventure was partnering with the nonprofit organization, Tembo Trading Education Project based in Washington State. TTEP identifies women in need, helps us to develop the sewing techniques used by the seamstresses, and assists in developing the woman owned shop in Nukuru, Kenya. Treasure Box Kids, while working with TTEP, helps to economically develop these women through the sewing of the scarves for the line.  

This project would not be possible if not for the efforts of our partner TTEP and I cannot thank them enough for all that they have done to further this dream. To learn more about how this Kenyan project came to fruition you can read our previous blog post: Little Maisha Kid’s Clothing Changing Lives.

Infinity Scarves For Women

Infinity Scarves For Women: The Journey

Though this project has been an absolute dream, it wasn’t a perfectly paved road to get to where we are now. There have been many potholes and detours throughout the experience that hindered the progress of the project. Some of these detours effected us in some small ways and some larger ways. For example, when picking out the fabrics for the Infinity Scarves For Women I found myself falling in love with a specific pattern. By the time that I could get the word back to the project manager the fabric I had chosen would be sold out, or would not arrive in time for production. This is something I experienced on more than one occasion. While this did prove to be frustrating, we have learned how to overcome these issues. I am  happy with the fabrics I did choose, they are all rich in color and beautiful in pattern.

The tags for the Kenyan Infinity Scarves For Women are all hand painted by a local artist, Peter in Nukuru, Kenya. Each card is different from the last and depict a story of family life in Kenya. This feature of the scarves adds a personal and visual touch for what exactly these circular scarves mean to the women crafting them. 

The cards are also blank on the inside for even further personalization to the gift recipient. When purchasing the circular scarves, our customers will be able to explain to the person receiving this precious gift the impact it will have on the life of the person who crafted it. To purchase this special gift for someone special today visit: Infinity Scarves For Women.

Circular Scarf

Infinity Scarves For Women: Direct Trade

Having this project completely off of the ground is sensational and truly uplifting for me. We are officially making measurable accounts of how we are economically developing women in Kenya. Treasure Box Kids is making significant strides towards helping  women in Nukuru, Kenya to not become victims of human trafficking.

Direct Trade is at the core of this project because it will give us direct access to the women. We practice Direct trade through our project manager, Julie, who is on the ground in Kenya. She helps source the fabric as well as oversee the quality of production and treatment of the women. Having Julie on the ground  gives us control over ensuring that the women are given proper treatment and fair wages for their work. Knowing that I am able to make a difference in the lives of these women while doing what I love is a blessing. You can learn more about our Kenyan project on our website at: Little Maisha.Infinity Scarves For Women


The scarves come in five different patterns which allowing a style for every woman. They are machine washable and made of 100% chiffon fabric. They are versatile and can be worn dressed up and also dressed down for more casual situations. Enjoy a stylish accessory for every outfit, while helping make a difference in the lives of others by purchasing one of our Kenyan Infinity Scarves For Women.

Fun Children’s Fashion Trends- Floral Print

First TBK Designer Girl Party

First TBK Designer Girl Party

The first ever Designer Girl Party by Treasure Box Kids will allow 10 lucky girls to design their dream holiday dress! Let your daughter be one of the first lucky girls who will enjoy a two day Orlando event at two different extravagant locations. Your little girl will design her very own dream holiday dress, as well as take part in a modeling session. The Designer Girl Party will create lasting warm memories for both mother and daughter, support the community and contribute to a good cause. Register today, before all the spots are filled!

Designer Girl Party

Designer Girl Party Day 1: Leu Gardens

The girls will take part in a design event on December 3rd that will take place at scenic Leu Gardens in Winter Park, FL from 11AM until 3PM. This Orlando event will be a design party to remember in which the lucky girls will be given:

  • A mother-daughter tea party.
  • An age appropriate design class, where they will be taught about fabrics & colors and how they relate to creating outfits.
  • A mommy and me designing session in which they will be able to design their very own dream holiday dress.
  • A full design board with their designed dress style to bring home to show off for the holidays.
  • A swag bag full of presents for mom and daughter to take home.

Designer Girl Parties

Designer Girl Party Day 2: Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress

Treasure Box Kids will then have the little designers’ dresses created in Central Florida. The dresses will be waiting for them at the second Orlando event, a modeling session. The modeling session will take place at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Resort in Lake Buena Vista, FL. on December 10th. We will individually schedule a time for each girl so that she has her moment to shine. The modeling session times will start from 8 AM to 12 PM. The girls will:

  • Receive their custom dresses.
  • Be photographed by an award winning photographer while wearing their design.
  • Receive digital print images from the modeling session.
  • Capture lasting memories that are priceless.

Designer Girl Party $289 includes everything! 

Designer Girl Party: Supports a Good Cause

A portion of the proceeds from the Designer Girl Party will go towards funding the Little Maisha children’s clothing line that will be produced by women in Kenya who are in danger of becoming victims of human trafficking. Treasure Box Kids will give these women jobs with substance, in order to economically develop them. This will help them protect themselves and their families from human traffickers.

The Designer Girl party will also give back to the local economy by using only local seamstresses to create these 10 lucky girl’s designs. Give your little girl a magical memory while helping people in need. Register your young designer’s spot at the Designer Girl Party Here.


Kenyan Seamstress sewing part of the Kenyan clothing line


Designer Girl Party: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost?
A. The $289.00 price will include both events, an Heirloom Dress, Design Session, Design Board with her style, exclusive Modeling Session, Digital Picture Prints, a Tea Party opening reception, and a Swag Bag.

Q. What is included in the digital picture files and when will I receive them?
A. Our photographer will be at both events to first capture your girl as she designs her dress and then again as she models the dress. The digital files from the event shoot and the design party will be sent via Dropbox to the Mother. We will send large file size from the shoot so that the pictures can be printed as well as used digitally by Mom.This is best sent via Dropbox.

Q. When is the last day I can register my daughter’s spot?
A. There are only 10 spots available, you my register until all of the spots are filled or until December 1.

Q. Can I take my granddaughter to this event?

Q. Will I receive more information after I register for the event?
A. Yes, We will mail a official event invitation to Mom and daughter with additional information that pertains to the particulars on event days.

Q. Is there an age limit?
A. No, however we find that the most appropriate ages are between 3 and 8 years old.

Q. What if I have two girls who want to attend?
A. Each additional child will cost $200 and will include the same experience as the first child, as well as their own individual custom dress. When ordering also choose the option for a second child.

Q. How can I register?
A. Follow this link to order the experience.

Q. What time is the Modeling Session at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress?
A. We will individually schedule a time for each girl so that she has her moment to shine. The modeling session times will start from 8 AM to 12 PM.

Q. My questions isn’t listed. How can I get more information?
A. You can contact the special Designer Girl Party phone number that is 407-270-0730, email us at [email protected], or visit us on any of our social media channels. Hope to see you at our Designer Girl Party!

Fun Children’s Fashion Trends- Floral Print

Teaching Kids Sustainability

Teaching Kids Sustainability

It’s vital to know that teaching kids sustainability is important on the international stage. By implication, it’s important in the national and provincial arenas too. The next generations are the key to sustainability. Their education on sustainability is crucial for the development of sustainable planet. So, what can we do for kids? Kids love fun. Kids love outings. We can make teaching kids sustainability fun, especially easy to do while on outings. You can do some preparation by reading books, pamphlets, and internet articles from reliable sources. To learn ways that you can volunteer with your family to create teachable moments you can look at our post- Three Volunteering Activities for the Whole Family.

Teaching Kids Sustainability

Picture courtesy of

Teaching Kids Sustainability: Through Nature

Information gleaned about the natural world and sustainability can provide a basis for teaching kids sustainability. The experience of the natural world, seeing the natural world, smelling the air and the dirt, seeing the integration of communities into nature and vice versa, and seeing the places that living beings thrive.


You can go to a local park and examine some of the flora and fauna of the area. Even with this taking a bit of time to catalog things in the local area, you can seem like a demi-god with the level of knowledge about the natural world with the kids. You can involve other parents, other kids, and make it a community event. These are the ties that bind.


Education, fun, and sustainability can be ‘part and parcel’ of that as well. Some of the practical principles for a wide variety of outings: know your stuff, know the area, know the plants, have an itinerary, bring snacks, take into account the limitations of children’s attention span, try to involve other kids and parents, involve community, and do multiple events at different areas throughout the local region.

Teaching Kids Sustainability

Picture courtesy of

Teaching Kids Sustainability: In Your Home

How does this look in a practical sense? Well, you can take the kids out even into your own garden. You can teach them about cold composting. You can teach them about the quicker hot composting. You can even teach them about those gross little red wiggler worms that assist in making the composting happen faster.


You can take them to a neighbors, or a community, garden to learn about plants and their lifecycles. Maybe, you can even start a community garden. Some of the prior practical principles can be part of this. It’s all in fun. It’s all for the kids. In addition, you might gain a little bit out of it too.


For instance, you can learn a little more, have fun with the kids, and take advantage of the incredible natural resources that Canada and North America in general have to offer us. And you can do it with the respect and sustainable intent that is required for not only our own but the next generations.


And don’t forget, have fun while teaching kids sustainability!

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