Christmas Activities: the Final instructions from Your Secret Elf

Kids Christmas Activities Idea

Christmas Activities: the Final instructions from Your Secret Elf

Use these Christmas activities to complete our �your secret elf�. With the Twelve Days of Christmas arrives the aroma and spirit of the anticipated holidays. This holiday season, would like to see your kids looking their best and keeping them busy doing Christmas children�s activities.

Christmas Activities

Speaking of sharing has returned with the final portion of �Your Secret Elf.� � This month you and your child can put into action this adventure that you have been planning since September. This Christmas will be one to be remembered! Have fun with it while you will brighten someone�s Christmas in a way they will never forget!
Here are the final items you will need.
1. frog statue of some kind. It can also be an ornament (found at craft or dollar stores)
2. trumpet ornament
3. any metal or round container that can be filled with edibles
4. Any home or store bought baked goods (baked cookies work well for this).

10th Day of Christmas-10 Lords a Leaping
10th note from �Your Secret Elf�
Here is a leaping frog. In the Chinese culture the frog symbolizes eternal life and power. When you look at this frog remember that is my wish for you.

This is the only gift that I will ask you to someday share. I would like it if you ever know someone who is feeling a little down you will let this frog leap into their life with the hope of prosperity for them. Everyone has rainy days. But eventually the sun comes out. When you have an especially sunny day I hope you will share froggy here with someone who is having more rain than they can bail. You may also want to share these holiday activities with them.

I will visit you again tomorrow!

11th day of Christmas-11 Pipers Piping
11th note from �Your Secret Elf�
Tonight I bring you a trumpet ornament. I hope that in the years to come you will remember me when you place this ornament on your tree. I know this year has had it challenges but remember that you are never alone. I will visit you again tomorrow!

12th Day of Christmas-12 Drummers Drumming
12th note from �Your Secret Elf�
This may look like a canister which is in the shape of a drum and is filled with baked goods, but there is more. It is filled with good wishes for a new year full of blessing and love for you. So, when you open it and the aroma fills the air so do my good wishes for you.
I hope you have enjoyed my visits with you. They really don�t end tonight, because I will still think of you in days to come and hope that I gave you some extra Christmas cheer!
Warmly��Your Secret Elf�

At we wish you the best Holiday season. I am sure that these kids activities have made a lasting impression on your kids and brought them closer to you. It is what is on the �inside� that counts. However, when looking to cover the �outside� we have adorable infant, girls and boys outfits, girls party dresses etc.

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