Fall 2010 Fashion

When shopping for fall 2010 fashion remember that the majority of your child’s time will probably be spent in casual clothes that need to be good enough to handle a variety of tough situations. For fall 2010 fashion, practicality is key, which is reflected in sturdy fabrics like denim and heavy cottons. Clean lines and unfussy patterns make interchangeable outfits the key trend.

This year’s fall winter fashion trend is about making durability fashionable. Chunky plaids for boys and earthy colours for girls are paired with tough fabrics to create a natural look. Layers are the key for fall winter fashion, using knitwear and coats to make cool layers in bright block colors. Fall winter fashion for girls requires leggings, tights or long socks as winter warmers and for showing off boots.

The latest fashion trend for girls is having one or two special pieces that can be dressed up or down. Items such as sparkly jeans, silvery boots, high quality delicate knits and super stylish Mac style coats are perfect for everyday when paired with something more casual. They are also perfect for special occasions by adding accessories.

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