How to Measure Your Child for Clothing

Most people wonder, How do I measure my child accurately for clothing. In this post we will discuss how to measure your child for clothing so that you purchase the correct size for your child. Determining how to measure your child is easy if you follow these guidelines. How to measure your child

How to Measure Your Child in Just a Few Steps:

  • Chest:  To measure the chest of the child place the tape measure underneath the child’s arm and across the chest or breastbone and measure leaving a two finger gap for room to move in the garment. This will be the chest measurement
  • Waist: To get a accurate waist measurement measure with the tape measure and place it slightly loose around the child’s waistline. Start to measure just above the belly button. Make sure to add two fingers room for movement in the garment
  • Hips: Correctly measure the hips by taking a tape measure and placing it around the child’s hips and buttocks. Make sure to add two fingers amount of room to the measurement
  • Length of Dress for a girl:  The first thing you will need to determine is what length of a dress you are purchasing. If it is to the knee, tea length or floor length. Start by measuring with a tape measure from the top of the shoulders to the knee, mid calf or ankle for a floor length
  • Arm Length: Measure the length of the child’s arm by using a tape measure and measure from the top of the shoulder down to the elbow or all the way down to the wrist if the outfit is long sleeved.

How to Measure Your Child: Watch a video!

Watch this video made from the company M& S that shows how to measure a child. It will give you a good visual of some of the measuring instruction that we have shared.  Video on How to Measure Your Child We hope that this has been helpful in determining how to measure your child for clothing.


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