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Easter Kids Crafts: A Craft that is Tasty

Here is a kids craft that is so much fun to create with your child around Easter time. Kids projects should be educational as well as fun, this makes learning a lot easier. Easter kids crafts are not only fun to make but they can also teach your child a little bit about cooking and preparing food.

Kids Crafts Ideas

Kids Crafts Ideas

Below we have listed the simple ingredients.
� Shredded breakfast cereal
� Melted chocolate
� Chocolate covered raisins (white chocolate that is)

First you will crumble the cereal into a bowl. Be sure not to have any large chucks. Using a spoon mix the melted chocolate into the cereal. Line a muffin pan with foil. Place a spoonful of the mix into the individual muffins. Pat down the mixture. Leave in a cool place so that the mixture can become hard. Once the nests have cooled and are hard. Place them on a platter. Arrange three to four chocolate covered raisins in each nest. Take pieces of ribbon and curl them. Add the ribbon to the plate to give some extra color. This is an Easter delight sure to please.

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