Kids Fashion Trends Spring 16

 Kids Fashion Trends Spring 16

Learn about Kids Fashion Trends Spring 16, so you can dress your kids in style this season. Treasure Box Kids continuously researches kids fashion trends and wants to help you keep up with current trends in the world of children’s fashion. This article features popular patterns and styles being currently used in children’s fashion. If you want to look back at children’s fashion trends of the past read our article: Children’s Fashion Last 10 Years.

kids fashion trends spring 16

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Kids Fashion Trends Spring 16: Insects

Use insect patterns to help celebrate nature this spring. Butterfly patterns are becoming especially popular, as they take the place of the usual favorite ladybug pattern this season.  Clothes using these designs are often classically simple, but the pattern can be used on almost anything. For example, casual wear, swim suits and accessories. Pairing the pattern with bright colors are a perfect way to help your child celebrate spring.

Butterfly Capri Set from Treasure Box Kids

Butterfly Capri Pants Set from Little Maisha Line

Spring 16 Kids Fashion Trends: Island

The island pattern is quickly becoming a popular way to bring a little bit of vacation everywhere you go. Designers will use patterns featuring prints from tropical vacations this spring. This includes flamingo, seashore, palm tree and many more patterns following the theme. These patterns can be used on accessories, swimsuits, casual and formal wear.

Island Kids Spring Fashion Trend

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Kids Fashion Trends Spring 16: Lite Brite

This trend brings back some of the 80’s in its use of bright and bold colors. Pairing the fluorescent colors with neutrals can help make your kid’s outfit pop.

Lite Brite Kids Spring Fashion Trend

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Kids Fashion Trends Spring 16: Fringe

Fringe is back and is a kids fashion trend spring 16. From swimsuits to casual outfits and accessories. Using fringe and bright colors adds a stylish edge to any outfit. Fringe, ruffles and tassels all help to create a free flowing silhouette.

Fringe Kids Spring Fashion Trend 16

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Kids Fashion Trends Spring 16: Sugar Rush

Delicious looking sweets are being featured on patterns this spring. Ice cream, cupcakes and candy are a few of the popular sweets that are going on children’s clothes. This pattern adds a fun element to your child’s wardrobe. It also looks great on accessories.

Sugar Rush Kids Fashion Trend 16

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Now that you know the kids fashion trends spring 16 shopping for popular, fashionable and fun clothing will be easier. However, it is more important to dress your kids so they are comfortable and are expressing their unique style. I hope you have enjoyed this article on kids fashion trends spring 16, be sure to be on the lookout for Treasure Box Kid’s article on future kids fashion trends.


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