Kids Party

Harry Potter Party

Kids Party

A Harry Potter kids party makes a great kids party or even a great theme birthday party. This party is a wonderful opportunity for you and your child to share in the making of kids party crafts and kids party foods. To find designer outfits at great prices for your child to wear to their party, shop

To start the kids party crafts, begin by purchasing or making capes to give to each child as they arrive (after Halloween these can be purchased very inexpensively). You can make wizard wands very easily from twigs in the yard. You might want to treat the wood with a light coat of craft glue. You can also cover the tip with fine polyester glitter to give it an extra special look. A wizard hat can be made from a brown paper bag turned inside out and turned up at the bottom to create the lip of the hat. Be sure to crinkle the bag to give it a worn look.

Kids Party

Kids Party

A great party game for this party would be to have a treasure hunt for the real Sorcerer�s stone. Before the party, take a large stone and spray paint it gold and hide it in the yard.

Depending on the ages of the children you can give them hints on where the stone is �buried� or have hint cards written out on index cards. You can take index cards and slightly burn the edges of the cards. Roll them in a scroll and tie them with string. You can have the children look for this treasure on their own or in groups or �houses,� depending upon the number of children attending the party.

For a cute centerpiece that can be used as a pi�ata select a wizard�s hat pi�ata. It will be fun and it will look very nice as a center piece before the breaking of the pi�ata.

For the kids party food, mix together �potions� using fruit juices and kool-aide. Put these in separate bottles and display them on a vinyl table clothe. Have plastic cups, plates and utensils for the food drinks available. Allow the children to pick their poison or they can give it to another child. You can label the jars as follows:

Sleeping Potion – blue “kool-aid”
Extract of Pituitary – lemonade
Dragon tears – red punch
Excitability Formula – orange kool-aid
Hippogriff Gizzard – Jell-O “jigglers”
Bloodworms – gummy worms
Mandrake Root – dried papaya

Help the young guests to be creative when they create their own potions. This will certainly be a fun, affordable party that will not be forgotten.

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