Organza the Occasion Fabric

Organza the Occasion Fabric

The Occasion fabric Organza is perfect for luxurious party dresses. Often it is used to make tablecloths, light curtains, and formal dresses. Traditionally this fabric was made of silk and was very expensive. Today, many modern organza’s are woven with synthetic filament fibers such as polyester or nylon. This new synthetic fabric is more common and much less expensive. This fabric is incredibly soft and flowing, unlike other sheer fabrics like tulle, it has less stiffness. Multiple organza layers in a garment will permit a gentle  sway.

Organza Types 

  • Crystalorganza
  • Mirror

Crystal and Mirror Organza can be embellished into many different patterns and prints.

  • Sparkled
  • Ruffled
  • Embroidered

Caring for Organza 

Easy to care for fabric that most often can simply be thrown in the washing machine and hung to dry. Use the washing machine’s cool or warm setting and take care not to include anything else that could catch onto the fabric. When ironing make sure to keep the iron at a low heat to avoid burning. Some Organza fabric will need dry cleaning.


Used as an underlying to protect the delicate fabrics that are used in bridal dresses as well as commonly used for constructing little girl’s dresses. The fabric can also be used for party decor, curtains, tablecloths, bags as well as many other applications.


The silk fiber is chiefly composed of 80% of fibrin, which is protein in nature and 20% of servicing, which is otherwise called as silk gum. Organza is produced in India and the United States as well as other countries.  Often it is made from a mixture of nylon and polyester. Organza can be made very soft or a bit firmer. Organza is one of the materials that can be dyed often very quickly. This characteristic allows it to be used most often in prom and evening dresses to create an airy look.



The quality depends on the type of silk and how the silk fibers are woven together. The detail and fringe quality of the fabric make it more expensive than most fabrics. Although the highest quality is from France or Italy, fabric produced in India and the United States often uses a mixture of nylon and polyester to create usable organza that is both cost effective and smooth to the touch.

Organza Fabric in clothing

When it comes to attire, organza fabric is a staple of formal dresses as a way to create full skirts and a graceful fall. One of its main uses is in the construction of wedding dresses which help to make the big day all that more special. Between wedding attire and evening fashions, organza fabric has a secure future in the world of fashion. Now that you have read about Organza, to learn about cotton read All about Cotton-Care and use of a versatile fabric.


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