Plant Terrarium

Plant Terrarium

The joy of a plant terrarium is an activity where your child can begin to learn about the natural world. A plant terrarium is a container made of glass or other clear material, usually sealed, enclosing a garden of small plants.

As they make a terrarium, your child has an opportunity to learn about photosynthesis: how a plant takes in sunlight and carbon dioxide, produces food for itself and releases oxygen. Once they make a terrarium, water it and seal it up, you can teach your child about the process of condensation that automatically waters their plants.

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plant terrarium

plant terrarium

� Clean container – fishbowl, glass cookie jar, fish tank
� Small stones
� Horticultural charcoal
� Potting Soil
� Small plants � moss, lichens, spider plants, miniature ferns, African violets, etc.
� Ornamental or decorative elements � rocks, twigs, figurines, etc.

1. Add a 1� layer of stones on the bottom of the jar.

2. Add a �� of charcoal.

3. Spoon in a 2 to 3 inch layer of potting soil. Dig small holes for the roots.

4. Take plants from their pots and remove extra soil from the roots. Place plants in the holes and pat soil over the roots. Place taller plants in the back. Dampen the soil. Do not over water.

5. Decorate with rocks, animal figurines or a garden gnome. Seal with plastic wrap or lid. Place in indirect sunlight.

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