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New moms find playdates to be a good way to relieve isolation and loneliness. Playdates allow new mothers to connect with other moms to share information and ideas. If you are alone all day, and you think you’re the only one in the universe whose baby cries nonstop or won’t sleep more than two hours at a stretch then it is key to find women with whom you can relate so you can talk about the daily details of caring for a child.

Benefits of Playdates

Babies benefit from a play date by being exposed to new surroundings, toys and other babies. Babies learn by watching the world around them. If the play date is scheduled after nap time the little ones are less likely to be cranky and will interact better with each other. Toddlers may prefer to sit in your lap to watch the action before engaging with the other children if they are new to the experience.

Learning how to share doesn’t come overnight. Do not be surprised when more than one child wants to play with the same toy. The concept of taking turns is not usually understood until around age 2. It is better to attend short duration play dates with a smaller number of children until the children become more accustomed to one another.

Setting up Playdates

If your friends don’t have kids yet, join a playgroup through Mothers of Preschoolers (, or take a mommy and me class at a community center. You can also look for playdates on,, or

Check back often to TreasureBoxKids blog for birthday party ideas, birthday and special occasion dresses, and other children’s clothing. In our next activity blog post we will talk about some ideas for playdates and how to host a playdate.

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