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Pink Rose Print Tan Chiffon Infinity Scarf


The scarf is made from washable 100% Chiffon?material.



This Pink Rose Print Tan Chiffon Infinity Scarf is a beautiful burnt tan color with an elegant pink rose floral pattern that provides the perfect amount of softness to such a bold color.

The scarf is made from washable 100% Chiffon?material. It is one size fits all and makes a great gift. The purchase of this scarf will help to create the Little Maisha line of children’s clothing in Kenya to benefit victims of human trafficking. The infinity scarves are crafted by women who are potential victims of human trafficking in Nukuru, Kenya. The employment of these women through Direct Trade will ensure them fair treatment as well as fair pay for their work. This will economically develop them and help them to have the means to protect themselves and their families from human trafficking syndicates.

The scarf will be accompanied by a hand painted tag. The tag is created by a local artist in Nukuru, Kenya. Each tag will be different with each scarf and depict family life in Kenya. The tag will also be blank on the inside for gift personalization.

If you would like to learn more about how our Kenya project is helping women, check our the Little Maisha – Little Clothes Changing Lives page on our website!

  • Color: Tan/pink
  • Fabric/Care Instructions: machine wash cold delicate cycle

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