Summer Clothing

Summer Clothing

Warmer weather requires summer clothing to keep cool. Durable summer clothing is a works well for picnics, family reunions, barbeques and other summer activities. Buy each child one dressy outfit in case you’re invited to a summer party or a formal event like a wedding, family reunion or graduation.

Cotton-blend fabrics are easy to care for, allow for greater movement  and are cooler to wear. Cotton allows the child’s skin to breathe. As sweat is allowed to evaporate, it cools the skin which provides a very nice cooling sensation to the skin. At the same time, cotton provides another soft barrier to the sun’s rays.

Protect babies and toddlers from summer heat with the following tips:

If you must be out on a hot day, then make sure to dress your baby in loose fitting and very thin cotton garments. The lighter the colour, the better, since lighter colours reflect sunlight rather than absorbing it.

The clothing must fit loosely and be airy. It is preferable to cover up as much as possible without going overboard. For example, a long cotton T-shirt with a pair of shorts for boys; A flowing cotton dress (thin material and light colors) for girls. Make sure the dress is loose fitting, flowing and comes down to the ankles.

Choose appropriate head wear, preferably something that has some overhang so as to provide shade to the back of the neck as well as to the face. For girls and babies, a floppy cotton hat is perfect, or even a straw hat lined with cotton ( to make it soft for their little heads). For boys, a baseball cap with an additional flap for the back of the neck.

Here are a few of the “must have” Summer Clothing for your toddlers closet this Summer:

Active little boys love to explore their world during the summer. As well as the standard sandals, flip flops and swim trunks, there are cartoon inspired t-shirts,  jeans and shortall outfits for all of his summer play. Outdoor play will require more rugged choices for clothing. Winter pants that are too short are an inexpensive and carefree way to make a selection of play shorts that he will not have to worry about keeping spotless. Outgrown long-sleeve shirts can also be modified as tank tops for those extremely hot days.

Essentials for toddler girls include many of the same must haves as are required for boys with a few added choices. Nothing says summer like a loose-fitting sundress for little girls. The length of most sundresses help to protect the legs from sunburn. A pre-matched capri set is both comfortable and adorable. Capri sets constructed with lightweight materials will help to keep her cool and contented as she plays. Short sets are similar in function to capri sets and are a welcome change on those extremely hot days.

These are just a few clothing tips for children’s summer clothing. Visit for your baby, toddler, little boy or little girl. Treasure Box Kids carries clothing selections from Vitamins Baby, Good Lad, B T Kids, Rare Editions, Mud Pie and cool summer clothing!

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