Homemade Baby Shower Favors

Homemade Baby Shower Favors Crafted homemade baby shower favors add a special, one of a kind touch to your party. To show appreciation for the guests coming to the baby shower, consider having favors for them to take home as mementos. Homemade baby shower favors are...

Retro Baby Shower

Retro Baby Shower The Retro baby shower is the latest trend in baby shower planning. A Retro Shower has 50’s and 60’s stripes and color shades. Shower colors include combinations of pastel pinks & blues with kiwi greens, soft browns and ruddy earth tones. Bold...

Green Baby Shower Favors

Green Baby Shower Favors Green Baby Shower Favors are replacing traditional party favors as people move to greener living. The following green baby shower favors are environmentally friendly and unique. Green Baby Shower Favors Ideas: Living Baby Shower Favors – A...
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