Birthday Party Ideas: Winter Fun Birthday Party

Birthday Party Ideas: Winter Fun Birthday Party

A winter birthday usually means an indoor party, but I have some great birthday party ideas for a lot of winter fun.  With a winter birthday party theme, you can plan on both inside and outside fun. If there is snow on the ground, plan some time for the kids to go sledding or make snowmen. If there is no snow, you can always make some of your own with this Kids Activity: the Beauty of Snowflakes.  You can also do a winter twist on some classic games. Play Pin the Nose on the Snowman or play a beanbag toss game using white beanbags to look like snowballs.

Winter Fun Birthday Party Decorations

This birthday party theme can use simple and inexpensive decorations. Pull out all your snowman decorations from your Christmas boxes. Use the snowmen to decorate the table or other areas and use cotton batting for snow.  Using rope or twine, create a clothes line and hang up winter hats, gloves and mittens. Hang paper snowflakes from the ceiling. Use wintery colors like blue, white, and silver for your plates, napkins, and other paper goods.  All will fit perfectly with this birthday party theme.

Winter Fun Birthday Party

Winter Fun Birthday Party Refreshments

There are many fun birthday party ideas for the refreshments. When the kids come in from the cold, have a hot chocolate bar waiting for them. Serve mugs of hot chocolate with several options for toppings such as: mini marshmallows, whipped cream, cinnamon, sprinkles, and mini chocolate chips. Have peppermint sticks to use for stirring. Serve a cake decorated as a snowman. Make a round cake and frost with white icing. Use candy to make the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Send the kids home with favors that match the birthday party theme.  Fill small bags with instant hot chocolate mix and mini marshmallows. Create a snowman decorating kit using inexpensive items from a craft store or party store. A scarf, large black beads for the eyes, or even large plastic sunglasses would be fun additions.

There are many fun ideas for a Winter Fun birthday party theme. Use your child’s favorite winter activities for entertainment with their favorite cold weather foods for refreshments and you can’t go wrong!

Share your birthday party ideas for a Winter Fun Birthday Party.

Birthday Party Ideas: Fancy French-Inspired Birthday Party

Birthday Party Ideas: Fancy French-Inspired Birthday Party

Birthday Party Ideas: Fancy French-Inspired Birthday Party

Are you looking for birthday party ideas for the girl in your life? This fancy French-inspired birthday party will be sure to thrill your princess-loving daughter.

For this girls birthday party, you’ll want to find all your fanciest decorations. Use a lot of pink and black. Print out pictures of Paris and temporarily display them in extra frames. Use plenty of tulle, ruffles, feathers, bows and roses. You can check out this post for a lot of fun pink birthday party ideas.

Planning Birthday Party Ideas

Let your imagination run wild when planning the birthday party ideas for this French party. Ask the guests to come dressed in their fanciest dresses. Paint a large picture of the Eiffel Tower on freezer paper or white wrapping paper. Hang it up and have all the girls pose in front of it for fun photos of all the guests. Print them out before the party ends so the guests can have a souvenir from the party. Find some examples of French music or even classical music for a fancy version of musical chairs. You could even have the guests put on a fashion show just like the Paris runway shows so they can show off their pretty dresses.

Birthday Party Ideas: Food

Food for this girls birthday party can be simple but special. Serve sandwiches on croissants.  Make a simple cake or cupcakes. Frost them with pink icing and sprinkle liberally with decorator’s sugar for a bit of sparkle. If you are able to find French macarons, serve these for an added French-inspired touch.  Serve the food on your fanciest plates. The birthday girl and all her guests will love this special touch.

 French Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday Party Ideas: Favors

There are plenty of fancy birthday party ideas for favors to hand out at the party. Give fancy pink or black hair bows to go along with the color scheme. Hand out a couple of French macarons or decorated sugar cookies. Another fun option would be inexpensive necklaces or other fancy costume jewelry. Package the favors up in pink tulle bags and tie with silky ribbon.

Have you ever thrown a fancy girls birthday party? Share your birthday party ideas here.

Birthday Party Ideas That Your Children Will Love

Birthday Party Ideas That Your Children Will Love

Cat in the hatBirthday Party Ideas That Your Children Will Love

Coming up with fresh birthday party ideas when you’re a busy Mom can be one of the more challenging aspects of parenting. There is a lot of pressure on parents to host bigger and better parties with ever increasing amounts of bling. Not only is it expensive, but there can be a bit of work involved in finding the best birthday party ideas for your next bash. Treasure Box Kids brings you imaginative birthday party ideas for children of all ages. Read our post on how to host a Little Mermaid Party for a special birthday treat.

I always like to get my children involved in planning their parties, that way I get a great idea about what they really want, and don’t feel the need to compete with the entire neighborhood. It’s important to create memories that will last on for years for your children than it is to splash your cash.

Birthday Party Ideas from the ‘Cat in the Hat’

I always love to create birthday party ideas that my child will remember. Having the latest character theme is great, but if you really want to host a party that the kids will love then consider hosting a theme party with a character that is universally loved by both boys and girls and will appeal to a wide variety of age groups.

Dr. Seuss is a children’s author whose lessons carry on into adulthood.     Everybody knows and loves the books, and even the film. The most successful  children’s party I ever hosted was a ‘Cat in the Hat’ party. You can pick up a mountain of Dr. Seuss themed party paraphernalia at your local party store. I’d also suggest looking on E-Bay and other online stores for discounted merchandise. There is so much that you can do with a Dr. Seuss party theme.

The most important part is that you can use any colors to decorate your birthday party area. Of course, your standard Cat in the Hat colors are red, black and white, but all primary colors are great for a children’s birthday party. You can accent different parts with ‘Cat in the Hat’ merchandise without breaking the bank.

Dr. Seuss birthday party ideas allow you to be as creative as you want to, from rhyming invitations to ‘Cat in the Hat’ cakes and a the best part of all is that the books themselves will give you great birthday party ideas and games to play. You can take traditional party games and give them a great ‘Cat in the Hat’ slant very easily.

You do not need to have birthday party fears, when a ‘Cat in the Hat’ gives you birthday party ideas!

Share with us your Birthday Party Ideas for a Cat in the Hat Birthday Party!

Birthday Party Ideas: Inexpensive Birthday Parties for a Girl

Birthday Party Ideas: Inexpensive Birthday Parties for a Girl

Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday Party Ideas: Inexpensive Birthday Parties for a Girl

Planning a birthday party for any child can be both an exhausting and rewarding experience depending upon how good you are at coming up with birthday party ideas.  When you love someone as much as parents do their children, you can’t help but want things to be “perfect”.  You scour the Internet looking for birthday party ideas that will help you create a perfect day of kids’ fun for your child and her friends.  The fact is, and we’ve all learned this just by living, that the best times aren’t always “perfect”.

Some of our best days are when everything goes wrong.  Ultimately what we remember as being good or bad has everything to do with who is sharing that moment with us.  So, don’t worry about making the birthday perfect for your special girl.  Just make sure the day is filled with love and everything will be just fine.  Remember, a birthday party doesn’t have to be a budget breaker to be a good time.  You don’t need to rent out the local inflatables center for the day or hire a magician (although if you can afford it, both are great ideas).

Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday Party Ideas

Here are four “cheap” but fun birthday party ideas for girls:

•    Have an outdoor party at a park.  Many parks have outdoor pagodas or pavilions that can be rented for the day cheaply.   The kids can play on the swings and playground equipment while you watch over the grill.  There are so many benefits to an outdoor party at a park.  Not only does it get the children outside and moving, but you don’t have to worry about cleaning your house either before or after the party.  You can just use paper cups, plates, and disposable tablecloths making clean-up a snap!

•    Have a cooking party. Kids love to help in the kitchen.  Whether it’s because they like to help, eat, or just get messy—kids love to cook!  You can purchase frozen roll dough from your local grocery store as a base for mini pizzas and allow kids to create their own miniature pizzas from a pizza topping bar.  This kills two birds with one stone.  Not only do you not have to cook (the kids are making their own) but it keeps them occupied and feeds them at the same time.

•    Happy Halloween! Having an October birthday pretty much seals the deal as far as birthday party ideas go.  Creating a mini mystery party or Halloween themed party is easy, and it enables children to utilize the expensive Halloween costumes their parents bought/made them for more than a single day event.  Bobbing for apples, making monster’s punch, or participating in a mystery game will make for a memorable birthday for your child and their guests.

•    Have a princess party.  No, not one of those princesses.  I did say “cheap” party.  Purchase crafting supplies and allow each of the girls to make their own princess hat and scepter using, construction paper, glitter, sequins, fabric and other bits of sparkly scrap.  It keeps the kids busy, allows them to explore their own creativity and they have something to play with afterwards, or wear while they watch their favorite princess Disney movie.

These are just a few birthday party ideas for girls, of course you can also read our Host a Candyland Party which is unisex and always fun for little ones.  Planning a party doesn’t have to break the bank as long as there is laughter and kids fun.

Mom’s are the greatest resource for fun and inexpensive birthday party ideas, please, tell us some of your thoughts.

Candyland Party

Candyland Party

Candyland Party

Candyland Party

Candyland Party

Hosting a Candyland Party

Hosting a Candyland party is a great gender neutral party for preschool-aged children. A Candyland party is absolutely full of color and sweet fun! Fill colorful vases with old-fashioned swirled lollipops as decorative centerpieces, hang colorful construction paper to create the Candyland trail on the wall, blow up brightly colored balloons and wrap with cellophane to hang as colorful “candies.”

Candyland Party Games and Activities

Playing the Candyland game is an obvious choice for a small group of children. For a larger group of kids, create your own candy walk game by laminating squares of brightly colored construction paper. The idea is to make them look like the squares on the board game. Only use the color one time…if need be, you can use the double squares like the cards! Once you have the laminated pieces, set them up on the floor in a circular, winding pattern. Have the children stand on a square and walk the pathway while you play music. When you stop the music, each child should stand on a square while you pull a Candy Land card from the deck. The child that is standing on that color square gets to pick a “candy” prize from the Candy Bag and sits out. Then the game continues in this way until all the children have completed the walk and won a prize from the Candy Bag!

Another Candyland birthday game can be played with spoons and Hershey kisses. Hold a relay race. Use the winding construction paper path to see how far each child can get without spilling the candy from the spoon.

A fun Candyland craft activity is to create candy crowns for everyone to wear. Cut yellow or gold card stock into thirds and use your child’s head as a guide for creating the crown size. Glue hard candies, lollipops, gumdrops, jelly beans, etc. to crown.

Visit for children’s clothing and special outfits. Look through our archived blog posts for baby shower gift ideas, craft ideas, birthday party ideas, children’s clothing tips and kids activities.Share with our readers some of your Candyland party ideas!

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