Christmas Activities: Your Secret Elf strikes again!

Christmas Activities: Your Secret Elf strikes again!

Christmas Activities: Your Secret Elf strikes again!

Christmas children’s activities are wonderful fun as we continue with �Your Secret Elf.� Let this Christmas Season be a treasure box of delights and surprises for everyone around you. At you can find Christmas children�s activities as well as boys and girls clothing that will fit all your holiday needs.

Christmas Activities

Christmas Activities

By now I am sure that you have been able to find the supplies that were given the last two months. Keeping it simple is the key. The recipient will appreciate the thought more than anything.

Here are the supplies needed for day 7, 8, and 9.

1. plastic swan and small mint candies (found at any craft store)

2. eggnog

3. Christmas bells (craft stores, dollar stores, Christmas Stores, department stores)

7th Day of Christmas-Seven Swans a Swimming

7th note from �Your Secret Elf�

Here is a swan to remind you of the gracefulness of life. She has small mints inside her to remind you that life can always be refreshed.

I will visit you again tomorrow!

8th Day of Christmas-Eight Maids a Milking

8th note from �Your Secret Elf�

Eggnog is the tradition during the holiday season. Hope you enjoy yours.

I will visit you again tomorrow!

9th Day of Christmas-Nine Ladies Dancing

9th note from �Your Secret Elf�

When I think of ladies dancing what comes to mind is the sound of Christmas Bells. So here are some Christmas bells that you can hang on the tree or use as a festive decoration around the house. I will visit you again tomorrow!

Keep checking our blog at to view kids activities ideas and holiday activities ideas. We also offer a large variety of adorable girls holidays dresses to make this a very special Christmas.

Christmas Activities: Your Secret Elf strikes again!

Christmas Activities: Introducing Your Secret Elf

Kids Activities

Christmas Activities: Introducing  Your Secret Elf-Teaching kids the true meaning of Christmas

At we have designed Christmas activities for your kids that will be featured from this month until December. Kids activity is guaranteed to warm your heart and fill your soul.
What better time than Christmas to show your kids the real meaning of giving? Take some time with your children and pick someone who they would like to choose as their �Your Secret Elf�� recipient. This person will receive a gift every night on the twelve days before Christmas Eve. You can be their guide in choosing someone who this season may be lonely or sad due to circumstances that have occurred this year.

Christmas Activities

Christmas Activities

Every night have one of your children go to the door and drop off a gift with a note that correlates to the twelve days of Christmas. The entire program will be shared every month though December. The first note will explain that every night till Christmas Eve �Your Secret Elf�� will arrive with a special gift for them.

Your special person will try and catch you at some point so it is best to pick the fast runner in the family. Have them leave the gift at the door. When I did this with my kids my son would leave the gift and ring the bell. He would run to the side of the house because he loved to see the look on the face of the recipient when she found another gift. One night she just yelled into the dark a very heart filled �thank you.�

My children get so much out of doing Christmas children’s activities and holiday activities each year. This year they could not wait till dark and when they could make another delivery.
With Christmas less than 120 days away begin to gather your supplies.

Below are the supplies for the first three days.
1. three pears.
2. two pieces of dove candy
3. a bag of chocolate Christmas eggs

1st Day of Christmas-A partridge in a pear tree.
1st note from �Your Secret Elf.��
Hi, I am your �Your Secret Elf.�� You know me as someone beside �Your Secret Elf� in everyday life but for the next 12 days and after, I will be a mystery. Every night I will be leaving you a small gift. Tonight I have left you pears from the pear tree of the partridge. Fruit is for good health and that is my wish for you for the coming year.
I will visit you again tomorrow!

2nd Day of Christmas-Two Turtle Doves
2nd note from �Your Secret Elf�
Two Turtle Doves is for the second day of Christmas. So, I am leaving you two pieces of Dove candy, to sweeten your life.
I will visit you again tomorrow!

3rd Day of Christmas-Three French Hens
3rd note from �Your Secret Elf�
Three French Hens are visiting you tonight and leaving you a whole bag of chocolate eggs from the three French hens.
I will visit you again tomorrow!

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