Behind the Scenes-Girls Fashion Photography at TBK

Behind the Scenes-Girls Fashion Photography at TBK

Behind the Scenes – Girls Fashion Photography at TBK

girls fashion

The Orlando girls fashion community is one that we are proud to contribute to. Last month, we took our first steps in Treasure Box Kid’s new direction by debuting two new designs in our Made in the USA  line, and the whole process was shot right here in our very own Winter Park, FL.

Along the way, we worked with two marvelous models and our spring interns A-team to help bring our kid’s clothes dreams to life. All of our photo shoots have taken place in the Central Florida area, and in the past, we’ve been active in the Orlando community by hosting other events and fashion shows. To check out one of our past events, read our post on our TBK fashion show-Behind the Scenes.

Our Girls Fashion Photography Team

girls fashion

We’d like to start by thanking our little troopers, who modeled our new blue and pink Isabella dresses, our classic Purple Butterly Capri Pant Set and our Victoria Dress through the Florida weather. Their fabulous work speaks for itself, showing their stellar growth as up-and-coming industry professionals.

Starting the day bright and early, they met us on-site and powered through our photo a video process, all the while staying focused and consistently giving their best. We would also like to thank the wonderful families of our models, who were there every step of the way to root on and encourage their girls.

girls fashion

Working behind the camera were our interns, who set up shop, assisted the models and took pictures for the shoot. With combined efforts in marketing, film, and advertising, they worked as a unit to manage our social channels, assist our models and ensure that all of our photo elements were up to par. In the end, the shoot ran by smoothly thanks to their coordination and dedication.

We would like to give a special thanks to Monique Trevett, our photographer and film intern. She served as the guiding eye to the shoot and worked behind the lens to get the best out of our models. Without her direction, we wouldn’t have our success.

girls fashion

Joining our Girls Fashion Team

Treasure Box Kids has recurringly hosted a models training program, tailored to the needs of those who want to get their start in the girls fashion scene. All of our girls are recruited with their modeling educations in mind, and we are happy to say that we help them gain footing in the industry by garnering exposure, building their portfolios and guiding them through professional modeling environments.

For further information on our modeling program, reach us at [email protected] We host girls fashion shoots once a month, and we’re always eager to meet new faces.


What’s In: Kids Fashion Trends for Spring

What’s In: Kids Fashion Trends for Spring

What’s In: Kids Fashion Trends for Spring 

kids fashion trends

Get excited, kids fashion trends are being taken straight from the big kid runway. It doesn’t matter if you still have a bedtime or if you’re the one making that bedtime; if you’re fashionably inclined, you know how important it is to stay up to date with the times. Lucky for us, this year’s selection is more than just florals. We’ve been served trends and colors that are bold, bright, and full of expression.

To find this season’s most noteworthy trends, we’ve combined our own fashion knowledge with some words straight from the pro’s themselves: Pantone, Fashion Snoops, and Earnshaw’s. To read more about color trends and this year’s thematic palette, check out our post on the 2018 Color of The Year: Ultra Violet.

The Colors in Kids Fashion Trends

Pantone is a leading expert in color trends, and they’ve released a spring report highlighting the top colors shown at New York Fashion Week. This year’s line up shows that designers are in-tune with the need to show more color, and we see that in the top-12 spring color lineup. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites:

Meadowlark – Pantone 13-0646

A confident, bright yellow. Yellow is purple’s complementary color, so its feature is linked to this year’s color of the year, Ultra Violet.


Cherry Tomato – Pantone 17-1563

A bold, orangey red.


Little Boy Blue – Pantone 16-4132

Serene as the clear blue sky

Arcadia – Pantone 16-5533
A Cooler, cleaner take on green.
Although these are only our fav, this spring’s palette is an open door to dramatic color mixing in kids fashion trends.

Prints and Fabrics: Kids Fashion Trends for Almost Any Spring Occasion

Now that we’ve had a taste of the season’s colors, let’s dive into the looks and textures our palettes are comprising. Fashion Snoops and UBM Fashion feature a dazzling selection of kids ensembles and weather-appropriate apparel that we’re rushing to add to our mood boards. From chic safari to a gardening in The Hamptons, they’ve lined up looks that will have a place in almost any kid-friendly occasion.

Kids Fashion Trends

Yes, we said to expect more than florals, but the season of new beginnings can never be complete without some blossoming. Still staying true to individuality, pattern mixing and kitschy details are embroidering our kid’s clothes dreams.

Florals, fruits, and gingham styles never fail. Pairing them up with classic ruffles, tulle, or even lace detailing will add to the aww-factor.
Kids Fashion Trends
 Taking a step south, we’re getting ready for the heat. Hot summer nights don’t necessarily always stay in the summer, as we Florida folks know all too well. Whether it’s for a desert sunset or an Everglades sunset, we know the importance of a good tailoring.
Find twill, beaded trims and light knitwear where the sun keeps shining, and happily embrace the comfort of a vibrantly earthy tone.
Kids Fashion Trends
 Now, we can’t talk about blooming without talking overalls. This time, take a step back and retreat into the forest. Know nature, know a good, breathable linen. Even bring back the smock dress! You know your little girl would look adorable in it.
Keep your eyes out for cotton, basket weave, and twill. Think arts and crafts camp.

Accessories in kids fashion trends  

As if we hadn’t already stressed self-expression enough, we’re ending this season’s trend list with a shout-out to Earnshaw’s Magazine and an homage to the holy grail: Accessories.
Kids Fashion Trends
According to the publication, a unique jewelry set or a fun, pop-of-color handbag can wrap up any outfit, so it’s no surprise that finding these classic staples in a new shape or material is what’s we’re embracing. Try a holographic fabric, perhaps some metallic denim and even grab that unicorn-shaped backpack for a bold look that will rule the school and make it known that you’re up to date with kids fashion trends.


“What’s in: Kids Fashion Trends for Spring 2018” features images taken from Pantone, UBM Fashion Inc., and Earnshaw’s Magazine.

Spring Orlando Interns Program 2018

Spring Orlando Interns Program 2018

Our amazing new Orlando interns team is helping us kick off the 2018 new year! We’ll be very busy these coming months with the anticipated launch of some exciting new projects, and we couldn’t be happier to do it alongside this group of talented ladies.

In the past, TBK has hosted 3 internship programs a year that provide blossoming young professionals with opportunities to break into the fields of marketing, public relations, social media, video production, and graphic design, among many other areas. Our new crew will be dipping their toes into a little bit of everything, and are encouraged to take initiative within their chosen fields of development. To learn about our program last semester, read our post on our Orlando Internship-Summer 17.

Orlando Interns

Spring Orlando Interns Program 2018


Introducing the Orlando Interns Team

We’ve selected a diverse group of undergraduates from the University of Central Florida to help tread new ground this Spring. For the next 11 weeks, these gals will be learning the TBK way and putting their energy, passions, and creative skills to work in a number of hands-on roles. We’re confident in our choices for the Orlando Interns program. Here’s why:


Monique Trevett, a film major with a focus in cinema studies, will be working on video production, photography and content creation for our website and social media channels. She’s a member of the UCF chapter of Zeta Phi Eta, an avid traveler, and connoisseur of music. We’re grateful to have her unique eye on our side.



Nicole Fletcher will be assisting in all things marketing, working with our team to launch our new clothing lines, direct our sales approach, and target social media efforts. Graduating this semester with a degree in business and a minor in mass communication, she hopes to hone her skills and pursue a career in marketing and advertising.



Sheila Alexis is an English creative writing major with a minor in mass communication. She will be the primary manager of our social media channels. As a tech-savvy creative that hopes to work in the public relations side of the fashion industry, we’re elated that she’s chosen us to cap off her last semester at UCF.



Danna Saenz is an advertising and public relations major who will be joining our writing department this semester. She will put her skills to the test by creating posts for our blog and social media accounts, as well helping manage our PR efforts. She is also pursuing a second degree in English literature, and we’re confident it will complement her role here at TBK.


 About the Orlando Interns Program

Since 2015, TBK has implemented an Orlando Interns Program that employs both undergraduate and high school-aged students within the Central Florida area. Our interns are valuable assets to our efforts, and we make sure to treat them as such by encouraging their growth with mentorship and tailored internship tracks to their areas of interest. We provide professional development opportunities in the fields of business and media production and ensure that they get one-on-one attention and guidance from professionals in those fields. We look for bright, hard-working, and driven individuals that are passionate about making a difference within their communities.

For more information about the Orlando Interns program, reach us at [email protected]

Fun Children’s Fashion Trends- Floral Print

Fun Children’s Fashion Trends- Floral Print


Floral children’s fashion trends have made their way back! We love Earnshaw’s magazine because they are always on top of the most current trends in children’s wear. Treasure Box Kids envisioned this trend earlier in the season and Earnshaw’s mentioned that the floral prints are back and bigger than ever in their June 2017 issue. The popular 1980’s style is currently trending. Floral prints are resurfacing on women’s clothing, kids clothing (boys and girls), and even on shoes and accessories. To learn more about children’s fashion, please read our post Children’s Fashion Last 10 Years

Where the Floral Print Originated:

Floral prints date back thousands of years, originating first in Asia, where flowers are an integral part of the culture. Long ago, flowers held deep meaning and symbolism, which people enjoyed incorporating into their clothing. Flowers are known as a universal symbol of femininity, which is prevalent in different cultures and time periods. Over the years we have seen big flower trends such as the “Flower Power” 60s and again in 2014 with the popular floral leggings. Floral prints are diverse and have always been in production… something we don’t see changing anytime soon. Trends are usually established in adult clothing and are then adapted into children’s wear.

Children's Fashion Trends- Floral Print

Why Follow Children’s Fashion Trends:

Floral prints typically make us think of warm weather and sunny days. Flowers carry a happy connotation and it feels good to wear them, so why not! Florals are all about having fun with fashion and embracing the excitement of summer. The print is versatile – you can find it on everything from casual kids bathing suits to exquisite wedding dresses. The floral theme also makes great accessories that give you more ways to work the flowers into your style. And if you’re a girly girl at heart, wearing florals is a perfect way to show your feminine side.

Floral Children’s Fashion Trends for Clothing:

Earnshaw’s said it themselves, “Floral and graphic prints are an undeniable tool in stimulating children’s imagination and creativity”. How cool is that? We are expecting to see lots of daisies, hydrangeas, hibiscus and roses on the racks this season for girls and even boys. Floral prints come in a variety of styles, colors, shapes, and designs. Does your little girl have a favorite flower? Look for a dress with her flower print on it. Kids should love what they are wearing and this is a great way to ensure that. Experts remind us to keep an eye on the size of the print when choosing a dress for your little girl. Smaller girls might avoid larger prints as they could engulf a petite frame.

Children's Fashion Trend

Five Floral Print Fashion Trend Tips:

  1. Choose lightweight fabrics that breathe well this summer. Cotton, linen, rayon, and chiffon are just a few that work well.
  2. Feel free to mix patterns! Just make sure there’s one color that ties both prints together. Black and navy are great options.
  3. To create a slimming illusion and draw the eye in, explore dresses with flowers gathering down the center.
  4. Be bold! Summer is your excuse to wear bright, vivid colors. If your wardrobe is filled with mostly dark solids, adding a floral print can be just what you need to match your outfit with your summer state of mind.
  5. Floral accessories can add a hint of femininity to your look. Try flower inspired sandals, sunglasses with flowers printed on them, or shade your face with a floral printed sun hat. You could even tie one of TBK’s lightweight floral infinity scarfs around your hair to keep you cool.

Look around and find your favorite floral prints to rock this summer. If you’re looking for your little girl, check out the TBK website for our own floral printed dresses and scarves. This is one of our favorite children’s fashion trends and it will soon be yours too!

Orlando Internship-Summer 17

Orlando Internship-Summer 17

Our Orlando internship for the summer of 2017 has just kicked off and we’re so excited! We’ve had such an amazing spring intern semester and know that our awesome group of interns will learn and thrive this summer. Last semester, during the spring term, we interned eight college students from UCF and Full Sail University in the areas of Social Media Marketing, Online Digital Marketing, and Graphic Design. To learn more about what we do, please read our post TBK Making a Difference. This semester we are pleased to announce our five Summer Interns!

Orlando Internship

Orlando Internship Guides Students Growth

Treasure Box Kids hosts three Orlando internship sessions a year. We host a Spring, Summer, and Fall Internship for College students as well as including high school students in our summer program.  Our purpose for the internships is to prepare the student with the skills that they will need to enter the workforce. Treasure Box Kids offers several different types of internships including Social Media Marketing, Blog Content Creation, Digital Marketing, PR, Graphic Design, Web Development, Photography, and Video Producing.


 Summer Orlando Internship Program


Over the next 10 weeks, our newest interns will work with Treasure Box Kids to prepare them for employment in social media as well as the digital content creation. Our internship will include the process of business article writing as well as to post the article on our blog. TBK interns will learn workplace responsibility and how to be proactive when assigned a task.





Orlando Internship





Our Orlando internship also includes working with young models during photoshoots as well as live streaming our events on social media. We want to equip our interns with the expertise to develop professional proficiencies in order to prepare them for their future. We give our interns a better understanding of Treasure Box Kids so that they are exposed to new concepts and methods of learning. Treasure Box Kids encourages developing new relationships by mentoring our interns on how to create and sustain networks with colleagues, as well as other businesses. We do this during the internship as well as encouraging our interns to attend development classes and seminars. 



Introducing Our Orlando Internship Summer Interns

  • Ashley Filardi, a Human Communication student, will manage our Instagram social media account for the summer semester. Ashley will work with influencers and focus her attention on the analytic aspect of posts. We’re confident that with Ashley’s keen eye on our Instagram account she will thrive.
  • Delaney Pinder, our Advertising and Public Relations undergrad manages our Pinterest account. Delaney will learn how to revamp our social media platform to increase followers while increasing content geared towards Treasure Box Kids customers. We are convinced that Delaney is the right intern for the task.
  • Erin Robertson, another Advertising and Public Relations student, oversees our Facebook division. Erin is in the process of learning how to create posts, interact and promote our company through Facebook Groups. We’re positive that Erin is the woman for the job. Treasure Box Kids will guide Erin in further building connections with our customers.
  • Michael Folsom, a senior in high school, is our youngest addition to the Treasure Box Kids team. He will learn how to reach our customers on Twitter and create graphics for social media. Michael will develop a strong social media skill set which will help him in his future.
  • Victoria Jack, our second Human Communication undergrad, will be a member of our summer and fall internship. She will be a member of the writing department and will also work on our Linked In account. Victoria will learn valuable writing skills while interning for TBK, which will guide her for the rest of her career. Blog post creation as well as learning how to operate a Word Press Blog will be the first thing Victoria masters. Welcome, Victoria!

Treasure Box Kids aims to inspire our interns to take initiative while being guided through our processes. We are elated to have such diverse talents working with us this summer! We wish them good luck during their Orlando internship.  



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