How To Remove Stains On Clothes

How To Remove Stains On Clothes

Trying to remove stains on clothes, especially kids clothes, is the worst. Not only does a stain ruin your outfit but it’s also a blow to your pride when you don’t know how to remove it. Don’t panic, we have the solution for you (no pun intended). You’ve probably been removing stains the wrong way because you didn’t know that all stains fall into 3 categories with their own removal method. We’re going to share with you how to fight those pesky stains and remove them forever. To also find tips on washing baby clothes you can read more at How to Wash Baby Clothes

Remove Stains On Clothes: Earth Stains

how to remove stains on clothes

These Stains are normally caused by things such as juices, wines, and any other beverage. Also, grass and dirt stains can be put into this category.


2 oz Detergent/Degreaser

2 oz White Vinegar

2 oz Water

How to:

First, try and rinse the stained spot with cold water to test if it comes out. If it doesn’t then remove with the listed remedy. Combine the mixture and stir thoroughly, and tap atop of stain.

Remove Stains On Clothes: Body Stains

remove body stain from clothes

This type of stain is anything that comes from a body. That includes blood, whether from an animal or person, milk, perspiration, and any other bodily fluid


2Tbsp Water

1Tspn Ammonia

1 Tspn Hydrogen Peroxide

1 Tspn Detergent

How to:

Combine the ingredients together and pour into the stain. Scrub the stain off and tap gently to ensure the mixture is properly distributed.

Remove Stains On Clothes: Oil Stains

Remove oil stains from clothes

Perhaps the most annoying and the toughest stain to remove includes makeup and all types of oil. 


1 Oz Degreaser

1 Oz Water

(optional) Nail Polish Remover

How to:

If Using the mix of the degreaser and water isn’t strong enough for the stain use the nail polish remover. Mix everything together and let the mix sit on the stain for a few seconds. Next, rub the stain off with the mixture.

The secret is out you’ve learned how to remove stains! No more panicking you can get even the toughest stains out with these tips. Congratulations you are now a pro on how to remove stains on clothes.

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