Ethically Manufactured Kids Clothes-The TBK Way

Ethically Manufactured Kids Clothes-The TBK Way

We’ve made ethically manufactured kids clothes our business since 2015. Since our inception, we’ve understood how hard it can be to find clothing that is both domestically made and sustainable. If you add kids fashion to that equation, the odds of finding a retailer are even less favorable. It was this problem that drove us to define our mission.

We live in a world where incidents like the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh make the headlines for a few days and are forgotten just as quickly. It’s then no surprise that the practice of fast fashion is so widespread. Our goal as a kids clothing company is to make sure that our process never supports the exploitation of any person, or exposes them to harm.

As part of these goals, we want to give an inside look into our manufacturing practices, sharing with you our steps from creation to finalization, ensuring that the product you get is the product we promise. In our process, you’ll see the path we take to create a high quality, sustainable garment.

The Fabric In Our Ethically Manufactured Kids Clothes

How we select fabric:

ethically manufactured kids clothesTBK goes to regional and national fabric shows every season where we hand-pick fabrics from trusted wholesalers and manufacturers. This process helps us stay in control of the materials that go into our clothes, and ensures that we are supporting U.S.A-made business wherever possible.

The characteristics we choose depend on the season and desired style of the outfit, but overall we look for quality, texture, functionality, color, and print. In our designs, we strive to create clothes that are easy to wear and durable for the needs of a child, while also adhering to designs that are timeless, not trendy.

Read more about our fabric selection process in our post: Behind The Scenes with TBK at a Fabric Show.

Creating Our Ethically Manufactured Kids Clothes

Our guidelines for creating an outfit:

ethically manufactured kids clothesAs for any fashion brand, sizing blocks are what make our clothes truly “ours.” We take note of how fast fashion has resulted in decreased sizings. In order to quite literally cut corners, many who practice those methods of manufacturing have sizes that are much smaller than their intended standards. In the creation of our sizing blocks, we kept this in mind and made sure that our clothes would run true to size.

Once a sample garment is created, it is tested out on real kids who give us real feedback on the wearability of a piece. We keep their needs in mind and our experienced seamstresses adjust accordingly. By the end of our trials, our clothes are sure to wear comfortably and fashionably, never bothering, itching, or tugging.

Finalizing Our Ethically Manufactured Kids Clothes Lines

The final rounds before production:

Garments are checked by our seamstresses, pressed and finally approved by TBK management. Before giving the OK for release, sizing is checked, sewing standards are double checked, and all finishing details like packaging are run through.

This process is all done in-house at local Central Florida sewing studios by our trusted staff. On occasion when production is exceptionally large, spot checks are required on top of our traditional process.

A hands-on process is the best way to make sure we do our best work, and the only way we’ve made our ethically manufactured kids clothes.


Behind the Scenes-Girls Fashion Photography at TBK

Behind the Scenes-Girls Fashion Photography at TBK

Behind the Scenes – Girls Fashion Photography at TBK

girls fashion

The Orlando girls fashion community is one that we are proud to contribute to. Last month, we took our first steps in Treasure Box Kid’s new direction by debuting two new designs in our Made in the USA  line, and the whole process was shot right here in our very own Winter Park, FL.

Along the way, we worked with two marvelous models and our spring interns A-team to help bring our kid’s clothes dreams to life. All of our photo shoots have taken place in the Central Florida area, and in the past, we’ve been active in the Orlando community by hosting other events and fashion shows. To check out one of our past events, read our post on our TBK fashion show-Behind the Scenes.

Our Girls Fashion Photography Team

girls fashion

We’d like to start by thanking our little troopers, who modeled our new blue and pink Isabella dresses, our classic Purple Butterly Capri Pant Set and our Victoria Dress through the Florida weather. Their fabulous work speaks for itself, showing their stellar growth as up-and-coming industry professionals.

Starting the day bright and early, they met us on-site and powered through our photo a video process, all the while staying focused and consistently giving their best. We would also like to thank the wonderful families of our models, who were there every step of the way to root on and encourage their girls.

girls fashion

Working behind the camera were our interns, who set up shop, assisted the models and took pictures for the shoot. With combined efforts in marketing, film, and advertising, they worked as a unit to manage our social channels, assist our models and ensure that all of our photo elements were up to par. In the end, the shoot ran by smoothly thanks to their coordination and dedication.

We would like to give a special thanks to Monique Trevett, our photographer and film intern. She served as the guiding eye to the shoot and worked behind the lens to get the best out of our models. Without her direction, we wouldn’t have our success.

girls fashion

Joining our Girls Fashion Team

Treasure Box Kids has recurringly hosted a models training program, tailored to the needs of those who want to get their start in the girls fashion scene. All of our girls are recruited with their modeling educations in mind, and we are happy to say that we help them gain footing in the industry by garnering exposure, building their portfolios and guiding them through professional modeling environments.

For further information on our modeling program, reach us at We host girls fashion shoots once a month, and we’re always eager to meet new faces.


Treasure Box Kids-New Line of Kid’s Clothing Made in the USA

Treasure Box Kids-New Line of Kid’s Clothing Made in the USA

TBK- New Line of Kid’s Clothing Made in the USA

Treasure Box Kids Crowd Funding Campaign.

Treasure Box Kids is embarking on a new product line of Kid’s Clothing to carry in it’s store that’s made in the USA!   We are proud to announce that we are making a line of children’s clothing that is made right here in the USA. This line will feature excellent quality, materials and workmanship, designed with your girls comfort in mind. We are hosting our first ever crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter starting in the next few days to gather support to manufacture this new line.

kid's clothing-rose organza holiday dress

We will be posting articles on the events that have lead up to and that are leading up to the campaign and to the Fall 2014 release of the beginning of the made in the USA line, Girls Dresses.  We have hosted a photo and video shoot with the girls at the Hyatt Grand Cypress in Lake Buena Vista Florida.  We just held our first Treasure Box Kids Fashion Show a few days ago at the Rosen Plaza Hotel International Drive, Orlando Florida. The girls had so much fun and the audience went crazy for the designs.

Kid’s Clothing

The new line of children’s clothing was born because the owner of Treasure Box Kids Carolyn Bailey, who has been a designer for over 20 years,  wanted to bring back the quality that clothing manufactured in the United States used to offer. Apparel manufacturing has been lost to overseas firms and the quality and workmanship of children’s Apparel has suffered greatly. That does not need to be the case. Treasure Box Kids will bring back the quality of fabrics and workmanship to children’s clothing. Children’s clothing will once again be able to be passed down to future generations.

Kid’s Clothing

Our new styles made in the USA will be timeless in design and also designed to visually enhance the appearance of the child wearing the style. We will also design for the child’s comfort in the fabrics and trims that we choose. No scratchy fabrics or trims for your child.  Mom’s will love the fact that our Birthday Dresses will be able to be worn for more than one occasion.

Stay tuned to the Treasure Box Kids blog for updates and visit us on Facebook at, Twitter at, Instagram at and Pinterest at where you can find updates and pictures of our kid’s clothing.







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