4 Reasons to Choose American Made Clothing

4 Reasons to Choose American Made Clothing

Have you ever thought, where is my clothing made? Do I choose American made clothing? Not too long ago just about all the clothing we wore was made in the United States. Nowadays, it is hard to find any clothing that was made in America.  It is so important to know where and how your clothing is produced. Is anyone being exploited in the process of making the clothes you choose for your family? To see past just the beauty of the garments but also to look at the quality, economic impact, environmental concerns, and how the workers are treated while making the clothing is very important. It is so important, we wanted to let you know more about the reasons to choose American made clothing whenever possible and why we choose to have our Treasure Box Kids clothing handmade locally in Orlando, Florida. To learn more about ethical manufacturing read https://www.treasureboxkids.com/the-tbk-way-to-ethically-manufactured-kids-clothes/


Choose American Made Clothing for Quality


Have you ever purchased a piece of clothing just to have the stitching come undone, fabric fade, or colors run after just a few washings? It’s enough to make a Mom scream! Our founder knows this first hand as she grew weary of rejecting overseas styles due to poor quality fabrics and workmanship. It was then that she decided to control quality by hand making children’s clothing only in America. 

Quality stitching, fabric, and finishing techniques can be measured more effectively if Treasure Box Kids is the closest it can be to the production of its kid’s clothing. Each of our pieces is handmade. Quality is ensured at each step of our production process because we can inspect during the production not afterward. To ensure the highest level of quality, we take outstanding steps deciding on fabrics, color dying techniques, and a color washing test is used to ensure that the bright vibrant colors remain intact after washings. We choose the sewing techniques used for construction, the linings, trims, fasteners, and appliques which adds to the comfort as well as the durability of the outfit. When clothing is mass-produced this is not possible and quality suffers.

Instead of throwing away clothing, a well-made American made kids outfit can be passed down from generation to generation. Remember passing down kids’ clothing? It gets harder to do so due to the quality of mass-produced clothing. What parents wouldn’t want to save money by passing down clothing, consigning, or creating a beautiful memory by keeping a cherished childhood outfit. Giving extreme nostalgia to parents and grandparents. Think back to the times when you were younger and clothing was made well. Nowadays it is so hard to find with most kids garments mass-produced overseas.  


american made helps the economy

American Made Helps the Economy


Choose American Made Clothing-Help the Economy


You may wonder, why is it especially important to buy locally? The answer is simple, local businesses are run by those within your own community causing the business owners to be invested in the community’s future and success. Keep money within our community. A motto that we should all keep in mind. When purchasing locally you are investing in the local economy ultimately allowing that money to be used again by us, the people who spent it. It is as simple as recycling our funds within our own local economy. Raising economic activity, presenting more jobs to the local workforce and building taxes all help the local economy grow.


american made helps the environment

American Made Helps the Environment



Choose American Made Clothing to Help the Environment


By purchasing American made clothing you are reducing your carbon footprint by avoiding the burning gases released from the transportation of foreign-made clothing to the United States. Also, large overseas production factories create a large amount of pollution. Our skilled seamstresses sew our styles in a small American studio which reduces the pollution associated with making children’s clothing. By offering socially responsible manufacturing practices Treasure Box Kids is able to help the environment. Reducing our carbon footprint one outfit at a time.

As we all know, global warming is a huge issue. Many everyday tasks already produce a large percentage of our daily carbon footprint. It is important to know that carbon footprints can be reduced even by the simplest task. What task is more fun than shopping online for American Made Clothing? 


clothing made in usa

Clothing Made in USA


Choose American Made Clothing for Labor and Safety Laws


Poor working conditions, unfair wages, unsafe work environments, poor treatment, and lack of respect for human life are typically the conditions in most overseas factories. Even if an American company sends a representative to inspect the working conditions in an overseas factory one day, the next day when the representative is not on site the working conditions can change.

As a matter of fact, did you know that most overseas clothing manufacturers operate through sweatshops? Exploiting their workers’ inability to attain another job at a proper wage and working condition. Treasure Box Kids is a boutique Made in USA children’s clothing brand. Our seamstresses are paid a fair wage, work in a safe environment, and are skilled at their craft. You may ask, how is that possible? Well, this is made possible with small batch production. With small batch production, we are creating high-quality garments curated by hand. This allows the skilled seamstress to craft the garment without the pressure of mass production quotas. 

American made clothing is becoming more popular to newly enlightened consumers. The prices of overseas clothing versus American made clothing are becoming more competitive. This makes it easier for all consumers, including you and I, to purchase clothing made in the USA. These are just 4 of the reasons to buy American made clothing.  Check out our blog to learn even more about Treasure Box Kids and more reasons why we make our clothing in America. 

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