TBK: Little Maisha

TBK would like to tell you about our new journey Little Maisha and our Kenyan Infinity scarves. Little Maisha is a children’s clothing line and the Kenyan Infinity scarves will be a line of women’s scarves. Treasure Box Kids has also partnered with the non-profit Tembo Trading Education Project to help orchestrate this new Kenyan initiative. We have touched lightly on the subject in our post Little Maisha Chidlren’s Clothing.

Treasure Box Kids: Little Maisha Fights Against Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is an issue that runs rampant in Kenya, Treasure Box Kids does not take this lightly. With 40-60% unemployment, this leaves people in Kenya desperate for work, and the necessities of life. This can cause them to be conned into false job offers from Human Trafficking Syndicates.

It is also important to note that Kenya has been marked as a tier 2 source, transit and destination for human trafficking by the U.S. State Department human trafficking report. This means that Kenya has been placed on a watch list because of how little the country and its government is doing to help end this travesty.

Treasure Box Kids: Little Maisha Inspiration

Being socially responsible has been a standard that Carolyn Bailey, founder of TBK, has held very high since the company’s establishment in 2008. “I believe that a for-profit company should also be socially responsible and help people as much as it reasonably can,” said Bailey.

This philosophy for the company led to the creation of quality children’s clothing that is manufactured ethically in The United States, which debuted in August of 2015. During that same year TBK partnered with the non-profit Tembo Trading Education Project in Washington State to begin to develop the Kenyan Initiative.

Treasure Box Kids: Partnering with Tembo

Tembo Trading Education Project is a non-profit organization based in Washington State. Their mission is to provide excellence in education for financially impoverished children in Kenya. After ten years of working in Kenyan communities, they have learned that without economic development and/or education, women can become prey to human traffickers or can become sex workers.

“Tembo Trading Education Project is excited to be working with Treasure Box Kids to lift up the women and children of Kenya.  TTEP focuses on education, providing girls and women hope, an opportunity for choices and a better life.  Part of our holistic approach to humanitarian work includes economic development.  This is where Treasure Box Kids comes in.   They are providing employment opportunities for women thereby preventing them from falling prey to human trafficking and enables women to put their children in school and care for them,” said Dr. Laura Akre, MBA, PHD Co-Founder of TTEP.

Treasure Box Kids: The Kenyan Initiative

Treasure Box Kids is taking action with the Kenyan initiative. The Kenyan initiative will begin with the launch of an Infinity Scarf line for women that is manufactured in Nukuru, Kenya in a small women owned shop. As this line develops it will empower and develop the owner and seamstresses economically. If the line is successful, it will also give the owner of the shop the opportunity to expand as well and hire even more seamstresses and thus helping even more women to not become victims of human trafficking.

As well as helping the women in Nukuru, the funds from the scarf line will also help fuel the efforts towards our Little Maisha children’s clothing line as well. We chose the name Little Maisha for the Kenyan line because the word Maisha means “life” in swahili. The Little Maishi line is dedicated to the idea of little clothes changing lives as well as fashion helping people rather than hurting them. The line will be produced in Nairobi, Kenya: another major city plagued by human trafficking.

Treasure Box Kids: Helping Two Cities

Having both the women’s scarf line in Nukuru, Kenya, as well as the children’s clothing line in Nairobi allows Treasure Box Kids to make a very widespread difference in a country in desperate need for help. This widespread ability also allows us to change the lives of even more women in Kenya. This will mean that more women will be able to move out of the slums of these two cities where they are currently living. Through these new jobs, these women will be able to send their children to school to receive a quality education this will help them to stay out of impoverishment and thus ensuring future generations a better and safer life. Only with economic development and education can we together help to fight against Human Trafficking and rid the world of this terrible monster. Treasure Box Kids joins the fight with the Kenyan initiative and Little Maisha Children’s clothing line.

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